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Week 15 NFL Survivor pool strategy with safe, value, trap picks

The NFL season is back and that means Survivor pools once again. We are here to provide tips to stay alive all season.

Joe Mixon #28 and Jake Browning #6 of the Cincinnati Bengals celebrate after Browning scored a touchdown in the third quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at Paycor Stadium on December 10, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The NFL is coming down the home stretch with only one month remaining. Week 15 is upon and most Survivor pools are coming down to a handful of remaining contestants. Last week saw some huge upsets that either finished off contests or got them close to their conclusion. The week was bookended with upsets as the Patriots upset the Steelers on Thursday and the Titans and Giants upset the Dolphins and Packers, respectively, on Monday.

If you’re still wrapping up your Survivor contest, it’s not getting easier in Week 15.

Last week, my picks were not great. For my safe choices, I was correct on 49ers-Seahawks and Ravens-Rams, but missed on Dolphins-Titans. I missed on both of my safe choices as the Jets upset the Texans and the Giants upset the Packers. I was at least accurate on my trap pick, suggesting people avoid the Steelers against the Patriots.

On to Week 15 picks!

Safest picks

49ers over Cardinals
Chiefs over Patriots

These are both road games, but San Francisco and Kansas City are facing brutal teams.

Best value picks

Rams over Commanders
Bengals over Vikings

The Rams are going to be a popular pick this week for any remaining leagues. The Bengals are a tough call depending on how you feel about Jake Browning vs. Nick Mullens. I’m inclined to buy into the Bengals QB.

Trap pick

Saints over Giants
Dolphins over Jets
Falcons over Panthers

The Falcons are going to be a popular pick this week, but I’d much rather take the Rams over the Commanders than Atlanta in this spot.