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Full list of Week 8 straight-up picks with confidence levels

We make picks for all 16 NFL games with levels of confidence ahead of Week 8.

Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates after throwing a touchdown against the Detroit Lions at M&T Bank Stadium on October 22, 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The NFL certainly turned things upside down in Week 7. The Bills and 49ers were two sizable favorites that lost, but we also saw modest favorites like the Raiders, Rams, and Commanders all lose last weekend. If you’re in any kind of pick ‘em contests, there’s a decent chance the best performer last week finished below .500.

My picks last week were abysmal, as I finished 4-9 overall. I missed on both high confidence picks (Bills and 49ers), was 2-2 on medium confidence picks, 1-5 on low confidence picks, and nailed the Giants as my no confidence pick.

And so, we’re back with straight-up picks for Week 8 of the regular season. We pick each game’s winner, and then slot the picks based on confidence levels — high, medium, low, and no. A game with three asterisks (***) after it indicates a game where I’m picking the betting underdog to get the win.

High confidence

Bills over Buccaneers
Dolphins over Patriots
Ravens over Cardinals
Lions over Raiders

Medium confidence

Eagles over Commanders
Cowboys over Rams
Falcons over Titans
Seahawks over Browns
Chiefs over Broncos
49ers over Bengals
Chargers over Bears

Low confidence

Jets over Giants
Steelers over Jaguars***
Texans over Panthers
Saints over Colts***

No confidence

Packers over Vikings***