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October Product Release Notes on Double Option Feature that Reignmakers Football Players Need to Know

The DraftKings Reignmakers team offers Product Release Notes, a series to share new developments to the overall game and customer experience.

The Reignmakers team started a new series called the Product Release Notes this football season to share new developments to the overall game and customer experience. This monthly note will serve as a guide to all of the new feature updates, bug fixes and performance improvements that have been released. Be sure to check out the new releases below, and be on the lookout for next month’s Product Release Notes.

As players continue to take advantage of the testing phase of Reignmakers Football Paid Contests, DraftKings is adding a new layer for players to maximize the use of their cards — the Double Option feature.

The Double Option feature will go into effect on October 31, 2023.

How the Double Option Feature works

Customers can use each of their owned cards once in a paid contest and once in a free contest simultaneously. For example, if you own a Patrick Mahomes CORE card, you can enter that card in one free contest lineup and enter it into a lineup for a paid contest even before the free contest has started.

Once a contest has started, the cards you entered into that contest will become available to draft again. If a paid contest starts, then the cards you entered into that contest will be available to draft in other paid contests. Similarly, if a free contest starts then the cards you entered into that free contest will be available to draft again in other free contests.

What counts as a Paid Contest?

A Paid Contest is a contest with an entry fee. Entry fees will be displayed in green under the “Requirements” label in the contest lobby. You can review an example of a contest with a $5 entry fee and a Free Entry Contest below. Learn more about Paid Contests.

How will I know if I can use a given card again?

Cards that you’ve already used in a Free Entry Contest or a Paid Contest will not appear in the draft screen for that type of contest anymore. For example, if I’ve already used my Patrick Mahomes CORE card in a Free Entry Contest but haven’t used it in a Paid Contest, then that card will no longer appear in any draft screens for free contests and it will appear in draft screens for Paid Contests. So if you are able to draft a card into your lineup, then you would be able to use it in that contest.

Can I enter my card into two free contests simultaneously if I don’t enter it into a Paid Contest that week?

No, you can only play a card in one Free Entry Contest at a time and one Paid Contest at a time.

When I click “Edit Lineup” or “View Contest” on a card in my portfolio, which entry will I be taken to?

If one of your owned cards is entered into both a Free Entry and a Paid Contest, selecting the “Edit Lineup” and “View Contest” buttons on the My Cards page will take you to your free entry.

All entered contests can be viewed on your My Contests page.

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