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DraftKings Sportsbook: How to Use Enhanced Features on Stats Hub

Learn about one of the best tools DraftKings Sportsbook has to offer!

There’s no shortage of information bettors can use to make decisions. But, actually locating relevant information to make quality bets isn’t always easy.

Actually, it wasn’t always — because now it is.

Thanks to DraftKings Sportsbook, bettors can easily locate player prop Consistency Sheets, betting Systems and more via the Stats Hub.

Where is the Stats Hub?


Atop the home screen on the app, where it reads “Sportsbook” then “Quick Parlay” followed by other options, scroll from right to left. At the very end of this row of options, customers will find the Stats Hub.


When opening, customers can click on the Stats Hub right at the center of the page.

What enhanced features does the Stats Hub offer?

Line Moves

Opening odds and closing odds are not always the same. Lineup changes and other factors can have an impact. This feature allows bettors to see how the odds on both the favorite and underdog from a single game have fluctuated since the initial odds were set.


A feature added to the MLB tab mid-2023 and soon to be added ahead of the NFL season, this generates betting options for customers to consider based on a varying number of factors and history.

Looking at the MLB Systems page, there are three time filters and five betting market options.

Time filters:

  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days (default)
  • Season

Market options:

  • Moneyline (default)
  • Run Line
  • Total
  • NRFI (No Run First Inning)
  • YRFI (Yes Run First Inning)

Once the market option and time filter are selected, systems and system grades will appear. The grades are calculated based on the play’s winning percentage and value. (For example: The “heavy favorites at home” system may hit at a higher rate, but they may not receive as high of a grade as the “underdogs after not playing the previous day” system. Because while hitting at a lower rate, the “underdogs after not playing the previous day” system could generate better value since plays in an underdogs system will be longer than those of a favorites system.)

While there can be a litany of systems visible across all market options and time filters, not all will necessarily be in play day-to-day. Systems that are in play on a given day will be accompanied by a yellow circle with a number, the latter of which will indicate the number of games that system applies to on that day.

To see which games the system applies to, bettors can click on the system, where they will find more information This includes:

  • System win percentage over selected time range
  • System record over selected time range
  • Available plays for the system on that given day, with the ability to bet right from that page
  • A game log of the system history

Consistency Sheets

Like to bet on player props? This page is for you!

Consistency sheets provide bettors with a comprehensive view of how players are performing against their props.

For bettors who want to get more specific about a player’s setting or look at different prop options to build out a parlay, there are filters that can help:

  • Market
  • Home/Road
  • Fav/Dog (favorite/underdog)
  • Sample Size

On top of modifying filters on this page, bettors can easily place single bets or build out parlays across multiple games on the Consistency Sheet page. Additionally, they can click on a player’s name to view their individual Consistency Sheet page to further focus a bettor’s view.

Like the Systems page, the Consistency Sheets page is only available for MLB betting and is set to launch for NFL betting ahead of the first week of the regular season.