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DraftKings Madden 24 Stream: Baltimore Ravens 2024 Depth Chart

DK Playbook provides the Ravens’ attribute ratings, special abilities and depth chart for the 2024 Madden Streams.

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

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For all the latest schedule information and game updates, check out the Madden Streams Information Page. To ensure Madden is the best game possible, scheduled updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gameplay based on community feedback.

You can find the top DraftKings fantasy football options from the Ravens to use on Madden Stream contests from Madden 24. Check out the attribute ratings, special abilities and depth charts listed below.


Lamar Jackson 91 OVERALL – AWR 92 – SPD 96 – SAC 89 – MAC 86 – DAC 85 – THP 93


3RD DOWN RB: J.K. Dobbins

POWER BACK: Gus Edwards

SLOT WR: Nelson Agholor

SLOT CORNER: Arthur Maulet


(of players that will see the field)

  1. QB - Lamar Jackson - 96 SPEED
  2. WR - Devin Duvernay - 94 SPEED
  3. RB - Keaton Mitchell - 93 SPEED
  4. WR - Zay Flowers - 93 SPEED
  5. CB - Marlon Humphrey - 92 SPEED


  1. MLB — Roquan Smith — 96
  2. QB — Lamar Jackson — 95
  3. TE — Mark Andrews — 94
  4. CB — Marlon Humphrey — 92
  5. K — Justin Tucker — 91
  6. LT — Ronnie Stanley — 89
  7. FS — Marcus Williams — 86
  8. SS – Kyle Hamilton — 85
  9. RG — Kevin Zeitler — 84
  10. DT — Michael Pierce — 84



X – TRUZZ (Can’t fumble when in the zone)
SS Trait – JUKE BOX (Grants steerable juke animations)
SS Trait – TIGHT OUT (Consistent catching from TEs who beat their coverage)
SS Trait – FASTBREAK (Improved blocking on designed QB runs)


X – YAC EM UP (Nearly guaranteed to break their first post-catch tackle when in the zone)
SS Trait – MID IN ELITE (Improved catching on medium passes inside the numbers)
SS Trait – MATCHUP NIGHTMARE (Better route running and catching vs. LBs)
SS Trait – TE APPRENTICE (Has access to four additional hot routes during pre-play adjustments)


X – REINFORCEMENT (Increases chance of defeating run blocks, and disrupting catches via tackles when in the zone)
SS Trait – MID ZONE KO (Force more catch knockouts and react quicker in any mid-field zone coverage, less than 20 yards from the LoS inside the numbers and 10-20 outside)
SS Trait – TACKLE SUPREME (Better conservative/dive tackling and is rarely faked out by ballcarrier moves)
SS Trait – DEFLATOR (Causes increased fatigue penalties when tackling a ballcarrier with a non-conservative tackle)



SS Trait – DEEP ROUTE KO (Forces more catch tackle knockouts in man-to-man versus deep routes 20+ yards from the LoS)
SS Trait – SHORT ROUTE KO (Forces more catch tackle knockouts in man-to-man versus short routes less than 10 yards from LoS)
SS Trait – INDIDE SHADE (Reacts much faster to WR cut moves when in man coverage and inside the numbers)


SS Trait – EDGE PROTECTOR (Stronger pass protection vs. elite edge rushers)
SS Trait – SECURE PROTECTOR (Stronger protection vs. quick block shed moves)


SS Trait – ZEN KICKER (Better power and accuracy on kicks)
SS Trait – CLUTCH KICKER (Immune to the ‘Ice the Kicker’ effect that occurs after opponents call timeouts in critical situations)

Depth Chart

Madden 24 Ravens Depth Chart

Position First Name Last Name
Position First Name Last Name
QB1 Lamar Jackson
QB2 Tyler Huntley
RB1 J.K. Dobbins
RB2 Gus Edwards
RB3 Keaton Mitchell
FB1 Patrick Ricard
WR1 Zay Flowers
WR2 Odell Beckham Jr.
WR3 Rashod Bateman
WR4 Nelson Agholor
WR5 Devin Duvernay
WR6 Tylan Wallace
TE1 Mark Andrews
TE2 Isaiah Likely
TE3 Charlie Kolar
K1 Justin Tucker