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DraftKings Madden Stream: San Francisco 49ers 2023 Depth Chart

DK Playbook provides the 49ers’ attribute ratings, special abilities and depth chart for the 2023 Madden Streams.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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You can find the top DraftKings fantasy football options from the 49ers to use on Madden Stream contests from Madden 2023. Check out the attribute ratings, special abilities and depth charts listed below.


Trey Lance 72 OVERALL – AWR 59 – SPD 87 – SAC 84 – MAC 79 – DAC 80 – THP 91


3RD DOWN RB: Elijah Mitchell

POWER BACK: Elijah Mitchell

SLOT WR: Jauan Jennings

SLOT CORNER: Samuel Womack


(of players that will see the field)

  1. CB - Ambry Thomas - 92 SPEED
  2. WR - Deebo Samuel - 92 SPEED
  3. CB - Samuel Womack - 92 SPEED
  4. WR - Brandon Aiyuk - 91 SPEED
  5. CB - Charvarius Ward - 91 SPEED


  1. LT — Trent Williams — 99
  2. TE – George Kittle — 97
  3. MLB – Fred Warner — 94
  4. RE – Nick Bosa — 94
  5. WR — Deebo Samuel —90
  6. SS — Jimmie Ward — 87
  7. FB – Kyle Juszczyk — 87
  8. LE – Arik Armstead — 84
  9. WR – Brandon Aiyuk — 81
  10. CB – Jason Verrett — 81



X – YAC’EM UP (Increased chance to break the first post-catch tackle)
SS Trait – ROUTE APPRENTICE (Four additional hot routes from any receiver position)
SS Trait – SHORT IN ELITE (Improved catching on short passes inside the numbers)
SS Trait – SHORT OUT ELITE (Improved catching on short passes outside the numbers)


X- RELENTLESS (Rush moves no longer cost points)
SS Trait – EDGE THREAT (Dominant pass rush moves from the edge)
SS Trait – SPEEDSTER (Speed rush moves partially ignore blocker resistance)
SS Trait – EXTRA CREDIT (Grants an additional max pass rush point)


X- ZONE HAWK (More INTs in zone coverage)
SS Trait – MID ZONE KO (Improved reactions & catch knockouts in mid zones)
SS Trait – OUTMATCHED (Better contested catching against RBs)
SS Trait – LURKER (Spectacular catch animations for lurking defenders)


X- YAC’EM UP (Increased chance to break the first post-catch tackle)
SS Trait – MID OUT ELITE (Improved catching on medium passes outside the numbers)
SS Trait – SLOT-O-MATIC (Better cuts & catching on short slot routes)
SS Trait – MID IN ELITE (Improved catching on medium passes inside the numbers)



SS Trait – EDGE PROTECTOR (Stronger pass protection vs. elite edge rushers)
SS Trait – ALL DAY (Better protection against frequent shed attempts)
SS Trait – POST UP (Dominant when engaged in double team blocks)
SS Trait – NASTY STREAK (Dominant impact block wins against DBs & LBs)

Depth Chart

49ers Depth Chart

Position First Name Last Name
Position First Name Last Name
QB1 Trey Lance
QB2 Jimmy Garoppolo
RB1 Elijah Mitchell
RB2 Tyrion Davis-Price
RB3 Jeff Wilson Jr.
FB1 Kyle Juszczyk
WR1 Deebo Samuel
WR2 Brandon Aiyuk
WR3 Danny Gray
WR4 Jauan Jennings
WR5 Ray-Ray McCloud III
TE1 George Kittle
TE2 Tyler Kroft
TE3 Charlie Woerner
K1 Robbie Gould