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DraftKings Madden Stream: Los Angeles Rams 2023 Depth Chart

DK Playbook provides the Rams’ attribute ratings, special abilities and depth chart for the 2023 Madden Streams.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Mike Christy/Getty Images

Check out the daily Madden Stream contests with paid contests for real cash prizes now available in both single-game Showdown and three-game Classic formats. You can watch the games on the DraftKings YouTube channel, the DK Live app (download here) or on Twitch. You can also keep up with the latest settings, schedule and update information on the Madden info page.

You can find the top DraftKings fantasy football options from the Rams to use on Madden Stream contests from Madden 2023. Check out the attribute ratings, special abilities and depth charts listed below.


Matthew Stafford 84 OVERALL – AWR 86 – SPD 75 – SAC 89 – MAC 83 – DAC 88 – THP 95


3RD DOWN RB: Cam Akers

POWER BACK: Darrell Henderson Jr.

SLOT WR: Cooper Kupp

SLOT CORNER: Decobie Durant


(of players that will see the field)

  1. CB - Decobie Durant - 93 SPEED
  2. WR - Tutu Atwell - 93 SPEED
  3. CB - Jalen Ramsey - 92 SPEED
  4. CB - David Long Jr. - 91 SPEED
  5. RB - Cam Akers - 90 SPEED


  1. RE — Aaron Donald — 99
  2. WR — Cooper Kupp — 98
  3. CB — Jalen Ramsey — 97
  4. MLB — Bobby Wagner — 89
  5. QB — Matthew Stafford — 84
  6. RT — Rob Havenstein — 84
  7. TE — Tyler Higbee — 83
  8. RB — Cam Akers — 81
  9. WR — Allen Robinson II — 80
  10. RB — Darrell Henderson Jr. — 79



X – RAC ‘EM UP (Wins RAC catches vs. single coverage)
SS Trait – RED ZONE THREAT (Improved catching vs. single coverage in the red zone)
SS Trait – SLOT-O-MATIC (Better cuts & catching on short slot routes)
SS Trait – DEEP IN ELITE (Improved catching on deep passes inside the numbers)
SS Trait – PERSISTENT (Harder to knock out of The Zone)


X – BLITZ (On-field blockers have their resistance bars wiped)
SS Trait – NO OUTSIDERS (Quicker run sheds against outside zone plays)
SS Trait – INSIDE STUFF (Quicker run sheds against inside zone plays)
SS Trait – UNDER PRESSURE (A larger area of effect for QB pressure and disruption)
SS Trait – EL TORO (Dominant bull rush wins from max pass rush points)


X – BOTTLENECK (Dominantly win man press attempts)
SS Trait – BENCH PRESS (Press wins fatigue the receiver)
SS Trait – ACROBAT (Diving swats & interceptions)
SS Trait – ONE STEP AHEAD (Faster reactions to receiver cuts in man coverage)


X – AVALANCHE (Downhill hit-sticks force fumbles)
SS Trait – ENFORCER (Guaranteed tackle after hit-sticking ball carriers)
SS Trait – OUT MY WAY (Dominant impact block wins vs. WRs, HBs, & TEs)
SS Trait – TACKLE SUPREME (Decreased fakeout chance & better conservative tackles)



SS Trait – SET FEET LEAD (Increased THP when leading bullet passes with set feet)
SS Trait – LONG RANGE DEADEYE (Perfect pass accuracy on all deep throws)
SS Trait – QUICK DRAW (Faster throwing animations when under pressure)

Depth Chart

Rams Depth Chart

Position First Name Last Name
Position First Name Last Name
QB1 Matthew Stafford
QB2 John Wolford
RB1 Cam Akers
RB2 Darrell Henderson Jr.
RB3 Jake Funk
FB1 Ben Skowronek
WR1 Cooper Kupp
WR2 Allen Robinson II
WR3 Van Jefferson
WR4 Tutu Atwell
WR5 Ben Skowronek
WR6 Brandon Powell
TE1 Tyler Higbee
TE2 Brycen Hopkins
TE3 A.J. Jackson
K1 Matt Gay