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PGA TOUR golfers react to PGA-LIV merger news on Twitter

PGA TOUR players given no heads up about merger, react in real time on Twitter.

The Memorial Tournament presented by Workday Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The PGA TOUR announced a merger with their Saudi-funded rival tour, the LIV Golf League, on Tuesday. This came as a shock to the golf world, as fans have watched the contentious relationship between these two leagues develop over the past several years. Apparently, it also came as a shock to golfers actually on the PGA TOUR, many of whom were not made aware of this development.

Some were clearly irritated that they were finding out about the merger, which will be largely paid for by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, on Twitter along with the rest of the world.

Others decided to share their thoughts on the situation ahead of the players’ meeting in Toronto this afternoon, expressing frustration at the betrayal they feel.

Some made jokes, as well.

But the general consensus seems to be shock and anger. LIV golfers raked in hefty paychecks as they defected from the PGA TOUR, while many who stayed and stood on a moral ground turned down millions upon millions. The PGA TOUR commissioner, Jay Monahan, was outspoken about his disapproval of the new tour and banned LIV golfers from all future PGA TOUR events.

Now, the merger is happening anyways, LIV golfers will be allowed back on TOUR, and those who stayed loyal were not told that any of this was happening.

More to come.