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2023 Dunk Contest: Mac McClung defeats Trey Murphy in final round to win

We track the 2023 NBA Dunk contest at All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City on Saturday night.

2023 NBA All Star - AT&T Slam Dunk Contest
Mac McClung of the Philadelphia 76ers celebrates with the trophy after winning the 2023 NBA All Star AT&T Slam Dunk Contest at Vivint Arena on February 18, 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The 2023 Dunk Contest will feature a high-flying G Leaguer who now has a two-way deal, the son of a NBA player, a big man with insane leaping ability and a scrappy winger who is actually known more for his shooting than his dunks. Mac McClung, Kenyon Martin Jr., Jericho Sims and Trey Murphy enter this year’s competition looking to impress the judges, fans and their peers.

McClung is the favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook to win this event, climbing all the way to +105 after initially being the huge underdog. Sims is listed at +250, while Martin Jr. checks in at +265. Murphy is +330 to win the event.

All four players will get to do two dunks in the first round. Each player has 1:30, plus one additional attempt, to complete a dunk. The two players with the highest scores will move to the final round. The five judges will give scores from 40-50 for each dunk, and then averaged out for the dunk score. This year’s judges are Jamal Crawford, Dominque Wilkins, Lisa Leslie, Harold Miner and Karl Malone.

2023 Dunk Contest Updates

McClung hits on the first attempt and does an amazing 540 baseline dunk once again, donning a Gate City jersey. McClung wins the 2023 Dunk Contest with his third perfect dunk of the competition and has electrified the crowd in Salt Lake City. The favorite pays out at +105.

Murphy doesn’t quite pull out all the stops on his next dunk but he does get to 49.2 even though the commentators were saying his first dunk might’ve been better. McClung needs a 48.1 to win this event.

McClung is on fire! He does a hesi dunk while jumping over one person along the baseline and has been the star of this competition. Those comments from Kevin Durant must’ve fired him up, as he records another 50 in this competition.

It’s McClung vs. Murphy in the final. Murphy goes first and does an impressive windmill dunk off the catch. He catches a lot of air on this throwdown and we’ll see how the judges respond to this. Murphy gets 48.8 for this dunk.

MCCLUNG DOES IT AGAIN! This time there’s no one else involved, but the 76ers two-way player wows the crowd with a nice 360 along the baseline. This one isn’t a 50, but McClung is headed to the final with a 49.8.

Sims brings out a prop and attempts to hype up his own dunk, which is more of a copy of Vince Carter’s iconic throwdown. The prop ends up being a note attached to the net which Sims opens to reveal a 50 score. The judges do not reciprocate, with an average score of 47.8 for Sims.

OK TREY! Murphy puts down a nice two-handed windmill-like dunk for his second one, and he hits on the first time which is sure to help his case. He’ll need a solid score after managing just 46.6 in the first dunk. He gets 49.4 and he’s in the mix for the final.

Martin Jr. brings out his father Kenyon Martin Sr. for the second dunk, and brings out a new all-black basketball for this attempt. Once again, the Rockets forward was unable to put in his first attempt but ended up with a nice reversal off the backboard courtesy of Pops. The judges are impressed, and give Martin Jr. an average score of 47.2.

McClung has arrived! The G Leaguer jumps over TWO people and does a reverse dunk on his first attempt, which immediately gets the whole arena buzzing. The 76ers guard was already getting a ton of attention, and now he starts off this competition with a perfect 50.

Martin Jr. was unable to hit the first few dunk attempts on what ended up being a nice dunk. We’ll see if the judges dock him some points for missing on his initial chances. If he hits this the first time, it likely gets much more buzz. His average score is 46.

Sims goes second and does a fairly standard dunk but hangs on the rim from the inside. It looks he attempted to do something similar to Vince Carter. Some of the judges were impressed, and Sims gets an average score of 47.6.

Murphy goes first and sets the tone with a nice assist from teammate Jose Alvarado. The Pelicans combo wing gets 46.6, which is a solid start for this competition.