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Referees for 2022 FBS Conference Championship Games on December 2-3

Here’s who will be in the stripes for all the conference championship games this weekend.

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Conferences generally have two options for championship game officiating. Some conferences will use crews that are highly graded and work together weekly. The second option is using an “all-star” crew where the highest graded individual officials (referee, umpire, back judges, etc.) as selected by the conference come together:


Referee: Hank Johns
Umpire: Michael Prowell
Head Lines: Todd Riddick
Line Judge: Alex Amaya
Field Judge: Jerry Walter
Side Judge: Eric Hartman
Back Judge: Jim Sima
Center Judge: Patrick Oldham
Alternate: Kevin Randall
Replay: Mike Stevens
Communicator: Jonathan Schwanbeck


Referee: Mike Roche
Umpire: Johnnie Forte
Head Lines: Josiah Ford
Line Judge: Steve Matarante
Field Judge: Ryan Flynn
Side Judge: Rich Wilborn
Back Judge: Ken Bushey
Center Judge: Ryan Wingers
Alternate: Stuart Mullens, Wayne Rundell
Replay: Keith Roden
Communicator: Frank Overcash

Big 12

Referee: Kevin Mar
Umpire: Marlo Fitzgerald
Head Lines: Andy Warner
Line Judge: Darren Deckard
Field Judge: Gabe DeLeon
Side Judge: Jason Ledet
Back Judge: Donnie Aultman
Center Judge: Stacy Hardin
Alternate: Kevin Boitman
Replay: Brad Van Vark
Communicator: Gerald Austin

Big Ten

Referee: Jerry McGinn
Umpire: Mike Pilarski
Head Lines: Rudy Studd
Line Judge: Kris Loving
Field Judge: Reggie Berry
Side Judge: Steve ThielenSteve Thielen
Back Judge: Jake KempJake Kemp
Center Judge: Mike Stumberg
Alternate: Jeff Servinski, Lamont Simpson
Replay: Tom Fiedler
Communicator: Brian Smith


Referee: Rory Bernard
Umpire: Jeremy Epps
Head Lines: Jerry Harris
Line Judge: Jeremiah Harris
Field Judge: Jonathan Bullock
Side Judge: Dannye Fowler
Back Judge: Aaron Hochuli
Center Judge: Nate Jastram
Alternate: Patrick Foy
Replay: Brad Smith
Communicator: Todd Rath


Mountain West

Referee: Tuta Salaam
Umpire: Sheldon Davis
Head Lines: John Braun
Line Judge: Kelly Deterding
Field Judge: Matt Mills
Side Judge: Mario Seneca
Back Judge: Tyree Walton
Center Judge: Charlie Hurd
Alternate: N/A
Replay: Ronnie Ford
Communicator: Bob Bahne


Referee: Chris Coyte
Umpire: Roscoe Meisenheimer
Head Lines: Darryl Johnson
Line Judge: Cravonne Barrett
Field Judge: Brad Glenn
Side Judge: Bernie Hulschler
Back Judge: John Morton
Center Judge: Jim Wharrie
Alternate: Francisco Villar
Replay: Jim Laborde
Communicator: Brian Brown


Referee: David Smith
Umpire: Walt Hill
Head Lines: Ryan Hagan
Line Judge: Walter Flowers
Field Judge: Phillip Davenport
Side Judge: Justin Larrew
Back Judge: Tom Fimmen
Center Judge: Marc Curles
Alternates: Stan Weihe, James Carter
Replay: Mitch Wilkens
Communicator: Caz Kosciolek

Sun Belt: TBA

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