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Reignmakers Football: What Users Need to Know About Rookie Debut Set

Learn about how Reignmakers Football is kicking off the 2023 season.

It’s time to begin prepping for the second season of Reignmakers Football!

Yes, games are still a few months away, but rookies are about to find their first home as pros. While the latest crop of first-year players get acclimated to their new setting, Reignmakers Football is giving users the opportunity to add rookies to their collection.

On April 20, Reignmakers Football will have its first Rookie Debut drop.

Important Drop Details

With the drop date coming before rookies find their first pro home, users will not obtain player cards in the packs purchased in the drop. Instead, Reignmakers Football users are getting in the game before the draft starts!

Rookie Debut Set cards will be tied to a position and selection slot. The set will include cards for the first six quarterbacks, first five running backs and first nine wide receivers selected from April 27 to April 29.

Example: You own “WR Selection 3: 2023 Rookie Debut Set (CORE).”

With the 25th overall pick in the 2023 Draft, the NYG select a WR (and this is the third WR selected at this point). Your “WR Selection 3: 2023 Rookie Debut Set (CORE)” card will become a 2023 Reignmakers Football Card for the 25th overall pick. In 2022, for example, this card would have become Chris Olave (selected 11th overall, but the third WR drafted).

Updating of the cards will begin with collectible names and metadata in early May. Player images and additional info will be added to the cards themselves mid-summer.

Here are the three different pack types featured in the drop:

Reignmakers Football Rookie Debut Set Packs

Pack Name Price
Pack Name Price
2023 Rookie Debut CORE $9.99
2023 Rookie Debut Booster $29.99
2023 Rookie Debut Premium $349.99

Multiple Seasons of Usage

Rookie Debut Set cards will have a special Crafting Recipe to exchange the 2023 card for a 2024 version of the same player and rarity tier once the 2024 season is underway.

Franchise Score

Rookie Debut Set cards will also carry a 4X Franchise Score multiplier (2x for Rookie Debut Set and the 2x Rookie multiplier) for the $25K April monthly Franchise Score Snapshot.

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