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DraftKings Reignmakers Football: How to Craft & Burn 2022 Players Cards for 2023 Set

Learn how to take full advantage of your 2022 Reignmakers Football Player Cards collection ahead of the 2023 season.

The time has come to begin preparations for the 2023 Reignmakers Football season.

With the focus shifting toward the second season of Reignmakers Football, players will get their first chance to Craft and Burn cards from the 2022 Reignmakers Football season. In doing so, Reignmakers Football holders will take their first steps toward building their 2023 Player Card collection, which they can use to compete for their share of the $1 million in weekly prizes that will be dedicated to 2023 Player Card contests.

Before getting to Crafting and Burning, holders of 2022 Player Cards can choose to retain these cards. There will be $100K in weekly prizes dedicated to contests gated exclusively for 2022 Player Card holders. Also, any prior-year cards in your collection accrue 10% of the Franchise Score value to that of the same set-rarity-player card from the predetermined value of that in-year collection; this point reduction for 2022 player cards will occur late Summer 2023.

Now, here’s the breakdown of the Craft and Burn process:


Acquire Crafting Tokens

Crafting Tokens are DraftKings’ unique type of collectible exclusive to Reignmakers, and they are essential to complete Craft & Burn recipes. All Tokens at each rarity tier will have a limited supply.

To convert prior-year Player Cards into in-year Player Cards, you will need a Crafting Token as part of the recipe.

There are several ways to acquire Crafting Tokens, including:

  • Primary Sales - Crafting Tokens will be available for purchase on the marketplace with limited inventory. CORE tier Crafting Tokens will cost $1.99, RARE tier will be $4.99, ELITE tier $39.99, LEGENDARY tier $249.99 and REIGNMAKER tier for $999.99.
  • Secondary Market - Once acquired, Crafting Tokens can be sold on the secondary market.
  • Giveaways & Airdrops - As a thank you to existing Reignmakers Players, a Crafting Token Airdrop will be sent out based on a snapshot that was taken Sunday, February February 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET. Everyone with AT LEAST 10 Player Cards at the CORE Tier at snapshot time is eligible.

Here’s the full breakdown of which holders can receive in the Airdrop as a result of the February 12 snapshot:

  • Those who own between 10-19, 20-29 or 30-plus CORE tier 2022 collectibles will receive one, two or three CORE Crafting Token(s), respectively.
  • Those who own between 10-19, 20-29 or 30-plus RARE tier 2022 collectibles will receive one, two or three RARE Crafting Token(s), respectively.
  • Those who own between 10-19, 20-29 or 30-plus ELITE tier 2022 collectibles will receive one, two or three ELITE Crafting Token(s), respectively.
  • Those who hold six or more 2022 LEGENDARY cards will receive one LEGENDARY Crafting Token.
  • Those who hold four or more 2022 REIGNMAKER cards will receive one REIGNMAKER Crafting Token.

Standard Recipe for CORE, RARE and ELITE

To obtain one 2023 CORE Player Card, holders will first need to obtain one CORE Crafting Token.

Once the CORE Crafting Token is obtained, holders will pair that with five 2022 CORE Player Cards to burn in exchange for one 2023 CORE Crafting Offensive Playmaker Pack (single 2023 CORE Card Pack including either a QB1, Skill Starter, or Role Player and openable in late summer).

The process will be the same at both RARE and ELITE tiers (i.e. five 2022 ELITE Player Cards paired with one ELITE Crafting Token to obtain one 2023 ELITE Crafting Offensive Playmaker Pack).

Limited-Time Recipe

For a limited time, customers can burn one 2022 Reignmakers Football Starter Set Card (CORE) plus one 2023 CORE Crafting Token to receive one 2023 CORE Crafting Offensive Playmaker Pack. You can complete this Recipe once. Limited to the first 30K holders to complete the recipe. The pack is a great early value and will include one 2023 card that will be either a QB1, Skill Starter or Role Player.

Last Shot Recipe

Before 2022 Reignmakers Football Packs are removed from our Marketplace and burnt forever, you have a limited-time opportunity to upgrade your 2022 collection ahead of the 2023 season.

The challenge will run in early March. A full list of eligible packs will be released soon – stay tuned for more details.

Recipe Guides

Burned Cards

As Player Cards are burned throughout the crafting process, they will be removed from a player’s account and the Reignmakers game. Burned Player Cards cannot be recovered.

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