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Full list of Week 3 straight-up picks with confidence levels

David Fucillo makes picks for all 16 NFL games with levels of confidence ahead of Week 3.

Chargers Vikings at SoFi Stadium

The NFL is back for Week 3 and it’s time for my weekly confidence picks. Last week, I saw slight improvement, improving from 9-7 in Week 1 to 10-6. I was 2-0 with my high confidence picks, 4-0 with medium confidence picks, 2-5 with low confidence picks, and 2-1 with no confidence picks.

This week brings five games with a spread north of a touchdown. Those include Giants-49ers, Colts-Ravens, Jaguars-Texans, Chiefs-Bears, and Cowboys-Cardinals. We’re just picking straight up wins, but those spreads give us a little something to think about. It’s hard to see upsets in any of those games. Maybe the Giants on a short week? But they don’t have Saquon Barkley or the left side of their offensive line. Maybe the Texans as a divisional game? If it was in Houston, maybe. What about the Cardinals at home against Dallas? I’d stay away from this game for Survivor, but the Cowboys probably win handily.

Four of those games are in my high confidence picks this week, while Texans-Jaguars is in medium just because of the divisional nature. Below are the full list of picks with three asterisks (***) next to a game if it indicates one where I’m picking the betting underdog to get the win.

High confidence

49ers over Giants
Ravens over Colts
Chiefs over Bears
Cowboys over Cardinals

Medium confidence

Lions over Falcons
Dolphins over Broncos
Vikings over Chargers***
Bills over Commanders
Jaguars over Texans
Seahawks over Panthers
Eagles over Buccaneers

Low confidence

Packers over Saints
Patriots over Jets
Steelers over Raiders***
Rams over Bengals***

No confidence

Browns over Titans