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DraftKings Madden 24 Stream: Minnesota Vikings 2024 Depth Chart

DK Playbook provides the Vikings’ attribute ratings, special abilities and depth chart for the 2024 Madden Streams.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

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For all the latest schedule information and game updates, check out the Madden Streams Information Page. To ensure Madden is the best game possible, scheduled updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gameplay based on community feedback.

You can find the top DraftKings fantasy football options from the Vikings to use on Madden Stream contests from Madden 24. Check out the attribute ratings, special abilities and depth charts listed below.


Kirk Cousins 83 OVERALL – AWR 80 – SPD 75 – SAC 90 – MAC 90 – DAC 92 – THP 88


3RD DOWN BACK: Cam Akers

POWER BACK: Alexander Mattison

SLOT WR: Justin Jefferson

SLOT CORNER: Byron Murphy Jr.


(of players that will see the field)

  1. WR — Justin Jefferson — 92 SPEED
  2. FS — Lewis Cine — 92 SPEED
  3. CB — Andrew Booth Jr.— 91 SPEED
  4. WR — Jalen Nailor — 91 SPEED
  5. RB — Cam Akers — 90 SPEED


  1. WR — Justin Jefferson — 99
  2. LE — Danielle Hunter — 90
  3. SS — Harrison Smith — 90
  4. TE — T.J. Hockenson — 90
  5. LT — Chrstian Darrisaw — 89
  6. RT — Brian O’Neill — 87
  7. QB — Kirk Cousins — 83
  8. WR — Jordan Addison — 81
  9. CB — Byron Murphy Jr. — 80
  10. MLB — Jordan Hicks — 80



X – DOUBLE ME (Wins aggressive catches vs. single coverage)
SS Trait – OUTSIDE APPRENTICE (Four additional hot routes when lined up outside)
SS Trait – ROUTE TECHNICIAN (Quicker cuts while running routes)
SS Trait – SHORT IN ELITE (Improved catching on short passes inside the numbers)
SS Trait – DEEP OUT ELITE (Improved catching on deep passes outside the numbers)



SS Trait – ENFORCER (Guaranteed tackle after hit-sticking ball carriers)
SS Trait – FLAT ZONE KO (Improved reactions & catch knockouts in flat zones)
SS Trait – DEEP IN ZONE KO (More catch knockouts and quicker reactions in deep zone coverage, 20+ yards from the LoS and inside the numbers)


SS Trait – MID INSIDE ELITE (Catches more consistently while catching passes 10-20 yards from the LoS, inside the numbers)
SS Trait – SHORT INSIDE ELITE (Catches more consistently while catching passes less than 10 yards from the LoS; inside the numbers)


SS Trait – SPEEDSTER (Speed rush moves partially ignore blocker resistance)
SS Trait – REACH ELITE (Able to tackle/sack while engaged with blockers)

Depth Chart

Madden 24 Vikings Depth Chart

Position First Name Last Name
Position First Name Last Name
QB1 Kirk Cousins
QB2 Joshua Dobbs
RB1 Alexander Mattison
RB2 Cam Akers
RB3 Ty Chandler
FB1 C.J. Ham
WR1 Justin Jefferson
WR2 Jordan Addison
WR3 K.J. Osborn
WR4 N'Keal Harry
WR5 Brandon Powell
WR6 Jalen Nailor
TE1 T.J. Hockenson
TE2 Josh Oliver
TE3 Johnny Mundt
K1 Greg Joseph