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Stugotz has a message for Brewers fans, owner: GET OVER IT!!!!

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Craig Counsell’s sudden move to Chicago and whether there was anything wrong with it.

Craig Counsell has a new job and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz did not see it coming.

Dan notes that not only did he not see this one coming, but the Mets also didn’t see this one coming and David P. Samson didn’t see this one coming, getting it wrong in thinking that it was a foregone conclusion that Counsell would be joining David Stearns in Queens.

Counsell signed a GIANT five-year, $80 million deal with the Cubs which makes him the highest-paid manager in baseball and dwarfs his highest salary as a player ($3,150,000 in 2004 with his now-former team the Brewers. Awkward.) And Dan notes that the Brewers were clearly surprised and hurt given the quote that owner Mark Attanasio gave about his now-former manager.

Stugotz has a simple response to Attanasio and any other Brewers fan in their feelings today: GET OVER IT!

Stugotz notes that Counsell took a better job in a bigger market, one of the few jobs that still matter in Major League Baseball. Counsell is no longer welcome in Brewers country? Congratulations, Stugotz says, your life just got better! Stugotz can’t believe that people are this outraged about a manager leaving. WHO CARES?!?!?

Billy points out that the deal went down in a questionable way, unceremoniously kicking former World Series champion David Ross to the curb. It wasn’t an opening that existed, Billy says, until secret negotiations began to bring him to the Friendly Confines. But Chris Cote asks, what’s the difference if the Cubs had parted ways with Ross the day before? No matter how you slice it, Ross is out of the job.

Dan does want to take a second to salute what he calls the world’s laziest graffiti artists who vandalized Counsell’s Little League field.

Greg Cote, who notes that he is FULL of vitality, understands where the Brewers and their fans are coming from here and why they’re angry at Counsell. He notes that the Brewers gave Counsell his start as a manager. Dan chimes in that Counsell consistently overachieved, given that there was little to no expectations and payroll. Dan also says Counsell is considered to be a master at preparation, knows the sport and is perfect in sitting between the front office/data and the management of human beings whose feelings you need to care about.

Stugotz still isn’t having it, however. He says the people of Milwaukee must not want anyone to get good at their jobs and get to go to a better job in a better market. That’s why they’re stuck in Kenosha, they’re not thinking big. Counsell is thinking big, he says. Who, he asks, wouldn’t take the Cubs job over the Brewers?!?!?

Greg doesn’t mind Counsell leaving for a better job in a bigger market, but he says it was incumbent upon Counsell to do so in an amicable way and not blindside the team that had just employed you for almost a decade.

Dan doesn’t necessarily agree, saying it’s more problematic that someone else (Ross) had a job and was popular, but that’s the cold nature of the business in a way. So keeping in mind that you need to keep things quiet, Dan asks you owe what to an employer as a courtesy when leaving a job? According to Greg, you owe a smooth exit, an exit free of controversy. But, Dan says, isn’t leaving the controversy in of itself? Is there really a good way to leave? Aren’t they really just made about the fact that he’s leaving and going to a rival? And especially when they get big timed in the process.

Meanwhile, Billy has some thoughts about Aaron Rodgers and his Achilles ...


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