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Tiffany x Nike Air Force 1 1837: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the release details for the Tiffany x Nike Air Force 1 1837 set for release on Tuesday, March 7.

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After teasing the collab in the New York Times and then raffles opening up last week, the Tiffany x Nike Air Force 1 1837 is set to officially drop on Tuesday for a retail price of $400.

Sole Retriever previously was the first to report the details of the Air Force 1 collab. Nike says on SNKRS that the shoe will feature “elevated touches like premium leather” and will be “finished with luxury detailing like the sterling silver piece on the heel” as well as special packaging. Additional accessories will be available for sale. The shoe will also reportedly come with three pairs of laces.

In its writeup on SNKRS, Nike continues to play up the “legendary pair” theme that has been present throughout when it comes to this collaboration, noting both Tiffany’s legacy in New York and the Air Force 1’s own storied background in the Big Apple. Nike says the collaboration “represents New York itself, and the bridge between basketball and street style that made the AF1 the crossover icon it is today” and “brings you instantly recognizable elegance and sophistication.”

As noted above, Tiffany posted some of the raffle details on its website. The raffle began on the Tiffany website on March 3 with the option for either home delivery or pickup at the Soho location or the Flagship Next Door location. Winners received a confirmation email on March 6 and were charged. Tiffany noted that confirmed orders were expected to be ready to ship or be picked up in NYC on March 7. Here, from the Tiffany website, are some more details:

Raffles are also open on sites such as Social Status, A Ma Maniere, Undefeated and the Kith app among others.

The resale price on the secondary market is expected to be sky high for this collab. Right now on StockX, the 1837 has an average sale price of $1,415 on 965 sales, which represents a 186% price premium. Once the shoe sells out on the primary market, it’s hard to image the price dropping much, if at all. So really, your best shot to get what is sure to be a status symbol will be to get lucky on SNKRS or in one of the raffles you’ve entered.

Best of luck to all looking to pick up a pair!

Tiffany x Nike Air Force 1 1837 Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Nike Air Force 1 x Tiffany & Co. 1837 Mar. 7 $400

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