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How much money do first round picks in the NFL Draft make?

The number of years is locked in for NFL rookie contracts, but it pays to be drafted higher overall.

The 2023 NFL Draft will mark a milestone in the lives of the next generation of football players, as they await to find out where the starting point of their professional careers will take place. While hearing one’s name called is special in itself, the specific order in which these prospects are selected can also have an impact on their early career earnings.

Therefore, it’s not a surprise to realize that being selected first overall gives a draft prospect the opportunity to sign the biggest contract in comparison to the other 31 selections of the first round.

What will the salary be for first-round picks in the NFL Draft?

Thanks to the 2011 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) NFL rookies selected in the first round know that the maximum number of years they agree to in their first contract will be four. For first round picks, the whole contract is usually fully guaranteed. After the first round, rookies get fewer and fewer guarantees.

Per the contract monitoring site Spotrac, the projected annual salary (total value) for a 2023 first-round pick is an estimated $5,136,778. The first overall pick can earn up to a projected $10.2 million in annual salary, with the final selection of the first round capable of earning around $3 million in annual salary for their rookie contract.

The rookie minimum base salary in 2023 will be $750,000.