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DraftKings Pick6: How to Play the New Fantasy Variant

Learn how to play Pick6, the newest fantasy variant added to DraftKings!

DraftKings is introducing a new way to compete against fellow sports fans with the addition of Pick6.

DraftKings Pick6 is a peer-to-peer fantasy sports variant. Participants compete against each other by building lineups of athletes (called a “Pick Set”) in a single sport and selecting whether or not their chosen athletes will outperform a statistical projection during real-world sporting events. The goal for participants is to make more correct picks than the other participants in each contest. Winning entries receive a share of the available prizes.

How to Play

Create a Pick Set

Pick6 players create a Pick Set by choosing between 2-6 athletes from the same sport. With each pick, Pick6 players select if they expect the athlete to have more or less than the listed stat projection.

Your Pick Set can only include athletes from the same sport (meaning you cannot create a Pick Set with both NFL and NBA athletes), must contain Picks with athletes from at least two different real-world sports teams, and you cannot select the same athlete more than once in a Pick Set.

Enter an Entry Fee Amount

Once participants select their Pick Set, they select their total “Entry Fees” amount. Pick6 contests are $1 entry contests. Each $1 of a participant’s Entry Fees represents a single entry into a contest and each entry is competing for a share of that contest’s total prizes. For example, a $10 Entry Fee amount is equal to 10 entries for the selected Pick Set. Each entry is evenly distributed among available contests, subject to each participant’s confirmation. Participants are restricted to a maximum of 150 entries per contest.

Sweat Your Picks

Pick6 players are able to follow their picks under the “My Picks” tab once games go live to see in real time how their chosen athletes are performing against projections. This allows players to see how their picks stack up against other Pick6 players.

Compete for Cash Prizes

Make enough correct picks and win a share of the contests guaranteed prizes.Once the contests are finalized, prize amounts are credited to each player’s DraftKings account.

Additional Details

Available Sports

NFL and NBA.

Rules and Scoring

Stats, rules and scoring details vary by sport and league. Visit the Pick6 rules and scoring page for more information.

When are Picks Available

For NFL, all-day Sunday picks are generally posted on Thursday mornings. Picks for prime-time games are typically posted a few days before the games are scheduled to start.

For daily sports, like NBA, picks are generally posted the night before the games are scheduled to start.

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Must be at least 18 years or older. Higher age limits may apply in some states. Eligibility restrictions apply. Valid only in states where DraftKings Pick6 operates. Void where prohibited. For entertainment purposes only. Winning a contest on DraftKings depends on knowledge and exercise of skill. See terms at