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Printable drafting cheat sheet for 2022 fantasy football leagues

Need help drafting this season? Download our 2022 fantasy football drafting cheat sheet

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

This weekend is the pinnacle of fantasy football drafting, so we’ve put together a printable PDF and PNG of my current draft rankings.

We all know that nobody is going to get their rankings 100% correct, so always be sure to highlight “your guys” on any cheat sheet you print off. If you put your blinders on and just follow a set of rankings, you’ll likely say to yourself at some point, “hey, that guy is going off this season and I really liked him! Why didn’t I draft him!?” You should have drafted him because taking ownership of your draft is always the best route.

Download PNG

Download PDF

What I have for you here should help give you a good overview of how I’d draft and hopefully will help you navigate your draft. These are PPR rankings updated 9/2.