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DraftKings Marketplace 2022 Reignmakers Football Genesis Breakdown

Chirag Hira and Jeff Pratt recap all the 2022 Reignmakers Football news and look into some sales since the launch.

For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.

Reignmakers Football is Announced

In May, DraftKings announced the launch of Reignmakers Football, the first NFT game by the company in partnership with the NFLPA.

Users are able to acquire single-athlete NFTs of varying “Rarity Tiers” in the gamified NFT platform and utilize them in a fantasy format similar to Daily Fantasy Football (DFS). Users will draft weekly lineups with differentiated rarity tiers during the 2022 season from the Player Card NFTs that a user owns, scoring points based on on-field results.

For more details about the Reignmakers Football launch, watch this video below:

Sales Summary

Volume & liquidity have always been paramount to successful asset trading. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some auctions and secondary sales on DraftKings Marketplace for the GENESIS Set.

The DraftKingsNFTBot went live on August 8 and has since been tracking big auction wins, prime pack pulls + secondary sales. After digging in, some trends appeared.

Reignmakers' auctions helped to show which player cards the market found to be the most valuable. Sure, it makes sense Patrick Mahomes & Lamar Jackson went for $10k, but so did Justin Herbert. Still, those bids were not enough to get Josh Allen ($14.4k) or Joe Burrow ($13.3k).

When sorting by position, it was clear to see tiers started to develop. Jalen Hurts ($7.9k) led the next tier QBs, which Dak Prescott & Trey Lance rounded out. Jonathan Taylor and Christian McCaffrey were the two $11k+ RBs. Ekeler ($8.8k) was next with Cook, Henry, Harris also over $7k.

Cooper Kupp ($13.4k) and Justin Jefferson ($12.6k) were the two anchors for the WRs with Ja’Marr Chase right behind at $10.4k. CeeDee Lamb ($7.75k), Deebo Samuel ($7.6k) Davante Adams ($7.1k), Stefon Diggs (~$7k) were the next group of receivers.

If you’re new, what does it all mean?

If you pull one of these player cards from a CORE, RARE, ELITE or LEGENDARY pack, you can price it correctly. For example, the Jalen Hurts LEGENDARY #4 sold for ~$4.5k and the Stefon Diggs LEGENDARY #4 went for $4.8k. With pack prices of $1,499.99, it was risky, but some people hit.

The RARE set probably provided the best ROI for the most casual users because it’s better than the CORE but didn’t cost ~$300 to obtain like ELITE. The pack was $59.99 & there were some pretty big sales. Justin Jefferson, Davante Adams and Justin Herbert No. 1s all went for over $3k.

Right now the main play with Reignmakers Football is speculation, but with Week 1 contests being posted this week, starting to build a solid collection is imperative.

You can start with a FREE Starter pack & build with a SuperStar pack for $9.99 and a Booster pack for $19.99. That gives you 10 cards.

The Booster pack has 3 cards & has a 50% chance of landing a RARE. The SuperStar pack is 1 card and has a quality player card that you can build around on a weekly basis. The free pack has 6 cards & is locked in your portfolio, which helps from supply being dumped into the market.

Are 10 cards enough to win a contest? It’s possible. But you’ll likely want to build from the secondary market and prepare your account for the ELEVATE drop.

The initial secondary play that came to mind was Joe Flacco with Zach Wilson hurt in Friday’s preseason game, and out 4-6 weeks. Sales of the Flacco RARE reached up to $45 and has since settled at a floor of $25, at the time of writing.

A sharp user was able to snipe one at $20 right after the injury and even grabbed the ELITE at $55. Not suggesting you chase now, but being ready to scoop off secondary will help in the long run.

To be able to search quickly by player name when the next injury hits, go here. You can also set filters by price, set name, rarity tier, position, SuperStar, team and see what the floor of your preferred tier is for all the player cards.

2022 Genesis Set

With the start of the NFL season on the horizon, Found within the GENESIS Set are players from the REIGNMAKERS, LEGENDARY and ELITE tiers.

There is a full 501 Player Checklist for the GENESIS Set, which can be found here.

The GENESIS Set contains 20% of the season’s REIGNMAKER and LEGENDARY Player Card NFTs. Every athlete on the GENESIS checklist has a 1/1 GENESIS GOLD REIGNMAKER, which is found in premium packs only.

Positional & Rarity Tier Breakdown

Premium Pack Drops

  • ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER Player Card NFTs were only available in premium pack drops running between 8/4 and 8/10, and auctions running between 8/5 and 8/12.
  • Premium packs featured four different tiers of packs.

CORE Booster Packs

The CORE Booster Pack will be available to users all season long. Each pack contains three CORE Player Card NFTs, with a 50% chance of one of the cards being RARE. This started on 8/7 at 12 noon ET.

Pass Holder Preferred Access + Exclusive Rebate

In addition to the preferred access drops 8/4 – 8/6, Field Pass owners also received a rebate on preferred access pack purchases. This rebate started with GENESIS, and here’s how it works:

  • Your field passes you hold as of snapshot date for drops give you access to one or more packs in the presale. For example, a LEGENDARY field pass gives you access to buy three (3) pack types in the GENESIS presale: 1 of each LEGENDARY, ELITE and RARE. In the case of GENESIS, that snapshot is 8/3/22 at 3pm EST.
  • If you purchase packs during the presale window of 12:00 pm EST - 8:29:59 pm EST each day, you will receive rebates based on the field pass that gave you access.
  • The rebate rates are 5% for CORE, 7.5% for RARE, 10% for ELITE, 12.5% for LEGENDARY, and 15% for REIGNMAKER tier Field Passes. Rebate applies to primary sale pack purchases only.
  • Any packs bought outside of the presale window do not have a rebate benefit.
  • Rewards will be credited in a single DK $ credit at the end of the presale.
  • This has been updated in the Field Pass Utility Table below and on site HERE

DraftKings also held Holo REIGNMAKER Auctions to give users an opportunity to secure a REIGNMAKER tier Card of the athlete of their choice.

Watch Parties

To celebrate the GENESIS Set launch, DraftKings hosted a variety of watch parties. These parties took place on the DraftKings Marketplace Discord and the DraftKings YouTube.

The parties occurred during the opening week of August, celebrating the different GENESIS tiers as they dropped. On Wednesday, August 10, a GENESIS Digital Party was held as DraftKings celebrated the drop and shared more info about the next phases of Reignmakers. Make sure to check out the DK Nation NFT tab for details on all the Watch Parties.

VeeFriends League

Earlier in August, DraftKings announced a partnership with GaryVee to launch the VeeFriends Reignmakers Football League. The two companies are teaming up to create a unique platform that will engage and reward communities by providing access to a “once in a lifetime” experience with Gary through Reignmakers.

What is the VeeFriends League?

The VeeFriends League is where all of the GaryVee contests will be hosted. Claim your FREE Starter Pack for new and existing users, which will include six player cards - one of each position needed to build a complete lineup! Make sure to follow along so that you don’t miss an opportunity to score some great prizes!

How will contests work?

Starting in Week 1 through Week 3 of the NFL regular season, users will be able to join a public contest in GaryVee’s VeeFriends League at the CORE tier. The top 1,000 finishers each week will play in a Week 4 Major contest to win many different prizes, including Reignmakers Football packs, VeeFriends NFTs and more!

Prizes will range from a variety of experiences with GaryVee, VeeFriends NFTs, to Reignmakers Football LEGENDARY, ELITE, RARE and CORE packs, plus more to be announced.

Road to 450 Promotion

As collections begin to take shape, DraftKings has announced a $100k prize pool for the most dedicated of collectors! Users have until noon ET on 8/20 to keep building their roster and put themselves in the position of winning one of the following DK Dollar prizes:

Collect 450 or more Unique CORE GENESIS Players and split a $25,000 Prize Pool.

Collect 450 or more Unique RARE GENESIS Players to split a $25,000 Prize Pool.

Top 5 Collectors of ELITE + Unique GENESIS Players will split a $50,000 Prize Pool:

- 1st: $25,000

- 2nd: $15,000

- 3rd: $5,000

- 4th: $3,000

- 5th: $2,000

The top Elite+ Collections will be determined by the number of UNIQUE players held at ELITE tier or higher.


● SECOND TIEBREAKER: # Unique Players that are LEGENDARY

● If a tie still occurs, holders will split the prize

DraftKings will take a snapshot on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET. At the time of the snapshot, DraftKings will tally the unique number of GENESIS collection Player Card NFTs a customer holds to determine the recipients of the prizes.

Join the DraftKings Discord here for updates on upcoming, live and past drops.

Connect with the Reignmakers Football conversation on Twitter.

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