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2022 Reignmakers Football GENESIS Set Drop Update

Chirag Hira breaks down the new details for DraftKings’ upcoming Reignmakers Football GENESIS Set Drop.

We have more information about the 2022 Reignmakers Football Collection! It’s time to break down all of the new details that were released about the GENESIS Set Drop.

Join the GENESIS drop HERE! Drops start 8/4 for preferred access and 8/8 for public sale (details below)

For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.

GENESIS Set Drop Info

The first major drop in Reignmakers Football is coming soon!

With the start of the NFL season on the horizon, DraftKings is wasting no time by releasing the most premium drop of the year right off the bat. Found within the GENESIS Set are players from the REIGNMAKERS, LEGENDARY and ELITE tiers, which demonstrates just how important this drop will be for users.

GENESIS Set Checklist

There is a full 501 Player Checklist for the GENESIS Set, which can be found here.

The GENESIS Set contains 20% of the season’s REIGNMAKER and LEGENDARY Player Card NFTs. Every athlete on the GENESIS checklist has a 1/1 GENESIS GOLD REIGNMAKER, which is found in premium packs only. See positional and rarity tier breakdown for ELITE through REIGNMAKER in the table below:

For 242 athletes, however, there are 2 REIGNMAKER tier cards in the GENESIS set. Because everyone should have the chance to secure the REIGNMAKER of their favorite QB1, Skill Starter, Role Player or Kicker - the GENESIS Holo REIGNMAKER was created. These can only be won through the GENESIS Holo Auctions, running from 8/4 to 8/12.

Finally, the RARE and CORE Player Card NFTs in the GENESIS Set will be fixed as follows:

  • Each Player’s RARE supply is equal to 4x their amount of ELITE
  • Each Player’s CORE supply is equal to 20x their amount of ELITE (or, 5x RARE)

Premium Pack Drops

Speaking of premium packs, let’s break down exactly what to expect from them:

  • ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER Player Card NFTs are only available in premium pack drops running between 8/4 and 8/10, and auctions running between 8/5 and 8/12.
  • Premium packs will feature four different tiers of packs to make sure there is something for all types of players.

CORE Booster Pack Launch

The CORE Booster Pack will be available to users all season long. Each pack will contain three CORE Player Card NFTs, with a 50% chance of one of the cards being RARE. To celebrate GENESIS, a limited edition of special “GENESIS” CORE Booster Packs will be available alongside the GENESIS Public Sale. This will start on 8/7 at 12 noon ET.

GENESIS Set Drop Access

  • There will be two phases to the GENESIS Set premium pack drops.
  • There will be a four-day pre-sale period, which will provide early access to eligible 2022 Field Pass Holders. These holders will earn early access to the drop via snapshot on 8/3 at 3pm ET.

For a full breakdown of the pre-sale and public sale periods, see the table below:

GENESIS Pre-Sale and Public Sale Drops

Phase Date Premium Pack Quantity Date/Time Drop Opens Requires
Phase Date Premium Pack Quantity Date/Time Drop Opens Requires
Pre-Sale 8/4 GENESIS LEGENDARY 720 of 1,116 12:00pm EST (1 per eligible Field Pass); Public Access opens at 8:30pm EST (no puchase limit) ELITE, LEGENDARY OR REIGNMAKER tier Field Pass
Pre-Sale 8/5 GENESIS ELITE 2,720 of 7,752 12:00pm EST (1 per eligible Field Pass); Public Access opens at 8:30pm EST (no puchase limit) RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY OR REIGNMAKER tier Field Pass
Pre-Sale 8/6 GENESIS RARE 10,220 of 25,234 12:00pm EST (1 per eligible Field Pass); Public Access opens at 8:30pm EST (no puchase limit) ANY tier Field Pass
Public Sale 8/7 GENESIS CORE BOOSTER 13,778 12:00pm EST N/A
Public Sale 8/8 GENESIS LEGENDARY 396 of 1,116 12:00pm EST (1 per customer); 1pm EST (no purchase limit) N/A
Public Sale 8/9 GENESIS ELITE 5,032 of 7,752 12:00pm EST (5 per customer); 1pm EST (no purchase limit) N/A
Public Sale 8/10 GENESIS RARE 15,014 of 25,234 12:00pm EST (10 per customer); 1pm ET (no purchase limit) N/A

Pass Holder Preferred Access + Exclusive Rebate

In addition to the preferred access drops 8/4 – 8/6, Field Pass owners will also receive a rebate on preferred access pack purchases. This rebate will start with GENESIS, and here’s how it works:

  • Your field passes you hold as of snapshot date for drops give you access to one or more packs in the presale. For example, a LEGENDARY field pass gives you access to buy three (3) pack types in the GENESIS presale: 1 of each LEGENDARY, ELITE and RARE. In the case of GENESIS, that snapshot is 8/3/22 at 3pm EST.
  • If you purchase packs during the presale window of 12:00 pm EST - 8:29:59 pm EST each day, you will receive rebates based on the field pass that gave you access.
  • The rebate rates are 5% for CORE, 7.5% for RARE, 10% for ELITE, 12.5% for LEGENDARY, and 15% for REIGNMAKER tier Field Passes. Rebate applies to primary sale pack purchases only.
  • Any packs bought outside of the presale window do not have a rebate benefit.
  • Rewards will be credited in a single DK $ credit at the end of the presale.
  • This has been updated in the field pass Utility Table below and on site HERE

[Click image to expand]


The Holo REIGNMAKER Auctions will give you an opportunity to secure a REIGNMAKER tier Card of the athlete of your choice. See the full auction schedule below:

GENESIS Holo REIGNMAKER Auctions Schedule

Date Position Category Number of Auctions Auction Start/End Range
Date Position Category Number of Auctions Auction Start/End Range
8/5 Skill Starter RB 27 12pm EST to 10:15pm
8/6 Skill Starter TE 31 12pm EST to 10:30pm
8/7 Skill Starter WR (1/2) 27 12pm EST to 10:15pm
8/8 Skill Starter WR (2/2) 27 12pm EST to 10:15pm
8/9 Role Players 56 12pm EST to 10:45pm
8/10 Kickers 29 12pm EST to 10:30pm
8/11 QB1 28 12pm EST to 10:15pm
8/12* SuperStars 17 12pm EST (8/5) to 10:00pm EST (8/12)

GENESIS Pack Opening Events

DraftKings will be hosting a series of GENESIS Pack Opening parties on the DraftKings Marketplace Discord. Here’s the full schedule so you can join in on the fun:

● Thursday 8/4 starting at 8:30pm EST (GENESIS LEGENDARY Drop Day)!

● Friday 8/5 starting at 8:30pm EST (GENESIS ELITE Drop Day + RB Auctions!)

● Saturday 8/6 starting at 8:30pm EST (GENESIS RARE Drop Day + TE Auctions!)

Don’t miss out on the GENESIS Digital Party on Wednesday, 8/10 at 8:30pm ET as DraftKings celebrates the drop and shares more info about the next phases of Reignmakers.

Join the DraftKings Discord here for updates on upcoming, live and past drops.

Connect with the Reignmakers Football conversation on Twitter.

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