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When was Stone Cold Steve Austin’s last match?

We take a look back at the last time the Texas Rattlesnake stepped into the ring for a match.

WWF Wrestlemania X8 Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage

Wrestlemania 38 will take place this weekend at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, and one of the headlining attractions for the two-night spectacle will be Stone Cold Steve Austin making his in-ring return — sort of.

The main event of Night 1 will be a special edition of the “KO Show” where Kevin Owens will duke it out with his guest Austin in a fight. It technically won’t be a match but from the sounds of it, we’ll get the full brawling and chaos that comes with an Austin match.

For those of you asking when the last time Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestled in a match, the answer is March of 2003 when he wrestled The Rock at Wrestlemania 19.

This match was the final of a Wrestlemania trilogy between these two generational icons of the Attitude Era. Austin had won both previous battles at Wrestlemania’s 15 and 17, so when The Rock returned in 2003 with his heel “Hollywood Rock” persona, he stated his only goal left in the WWE was to defeat the “Toughest S.O.B. in the WWE” at the biggest show.

The Rock ended up winning the encounter but it came dangerously close to not happening at all. Austin was hospitalized the night before the show and there was so much concern about his status that Vince McMahon himself spent the night at the hospital with him. Given his health and the condition of his neck and knees at the time, the Wrestlemania 19 match unofficially served as his retirement match.

Since the, Austin has made plenty of appearances on WWE television, but mostly to play the hits. That usually includes him coming out to the ring, giving someone a Stone Cold Stunner, and saluting the crowd with a beer. This Owens program is the first time in 19 years where he’ll be involved in a segment that involves actual brawling and that’s what makes this attraction so intriguing.