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Alex Smith had seriously bloody lower leg late in half, but finishes out upset win

Thankfully he seems to be fine and it’s not nearly as serious as the blood would have you think.

Postgame update: Alex Smith was asked about his bloody leg and had quite the comment.

Washington quarterback Alex Smith has gone through plenty in his career, and Monday against the Pittsburgh Steelers we saw something pretty rough. The FOX broadcast crew got a shot of Alex Smith’s left leg and there was a significant amount of blood down on his lower shin.

The announcers made it clear this was not the leg Smith had surgery on. Additionally, he seemed to look like he was in no pain and it was more just a random bother than what looked significantly worse. He came back in a series later and quickly drove the Football Team down the field late in the second quarter for a field goal. He will continue on in the Week 13 contest with Washington trailing 14-3 at halftime.

Thankfully it’s nothing, but it certainly didn’t look that way.

Alex Smith’s bloody lower leg