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2021 Tokyo Olympic gymnastic results: USA finishes second to ROC after Simone Biles has to withdraw

The USA was the heavy favorite for gold. They came up short and finished with silver.

Team USA walks into the arena prior to the Women’s Team Final on day four of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Ariake Gymnastics Centre on July 27, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

UPDATE: ROC (Russia) has won gold in the women’s team all-around. Team USA won the silver and Great Britain won bronze.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are wrapping up the first full week of competition on Tuesday, and we get arguably the biggest event to date of the 32nd Olympiad. The women’s gymnastics team all-around competition got underway at just after 6:45 a.m. ET Tuesday morning. It won’t air on TV until NBC broadcasts it in primetime, but in the meantime we are getting to enjoy it on

The United States is a sizable favorite to win, installed by DraftKings Sportsbook at -500. ROC (Russia) is next at +300 and then it’s a sizable drop from there to China at +900. Here were the odds to win prior to the event starting.

USA -500
Russia (ROC) +300
China +900
Great Britain +2500
Japan +3300
France +4000
Italy +5000
Belgium +8000

It’s notable that ROC had the highest score in qualifying, which marked the first time since 2010 the US did not finish in first place in a qualifying or final event in the Olympics or World Championships.

The rotations split between the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. We’ll be updating this article with full scores of each of the four events and the overall results until we have a winner.

Overall score

  1. ROC: 169.528
  2. United USA: 166.096
  3. Great Britain: 164.096
  4. Italy: 163.638
  5. Japan: 163.280
  6. France: 163.264
  7. China: 161.196
  8. Belgium: 159.695

Apparatus scores


ROC: 43.799
France: 43.600
Great Britain: 43.132
USA: 42.732
Italy: 42.655
Japan: 42.349
Belgium: 41.732
China: 39.366

Lilia Akhaimova, ROC: 14.733
Jordan Chiles, USA: 14.666
Angelina Menikova, ROC: 14.600
Vladislava Urazova, ROC: 14.466
Grace McCallum, USA: 14.300
Simone Biles, USA: 13.766

Vanessa Ferrari, ITA: 14.233
Mai Murakami, JPN: 14.266
Aiko Sugihara, JPN: 14.183
Asia D’Amato, ITA: 14.266
Alice D’Amato, ITA: 14.166
Yuna Hiraiwa, JPN: 13.900

Lisa Valeen, BEL: 14.233
Alice Kinsella, GBR: 14.266
Jennifer Gadirova, GBR: 14.433
Jessica Gadirova, GBR: 14.433
Jutta Verkest, BEL: 13.466
Maellyse Brassart, BEL: 14.033

Xijing Tang, CHN: 12.600
Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, FRA: 14.500
Aline Friess, FRA: 14.900
Carolann Heduit, FRA: 14.200
Jin Zhang, CHN: 14.066
Yushan Ou, CHN: 12.700

Uneven bars

ROC: 44.699
USA: 43.266
Great Britian: 41.765
Belgium: 41.632
Italy: 41.499
France: 41.399
China: 41.066
Japan: 40.133

Xijing Tang, CHN: 14.500
Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, FRA: 14.200
Aline Friess, FRA: 13.733
Carolann Heduit, FRA: 13.466
Yufei Li, CHN: 13.333
Yushan Ou, CHN: 13.233

Martina Maggio, ITA: 13.433
Mai Murakami, JPN: 12.700
Aiko Sugihara, JPN: 13.333
Asia D’Amato, ITA: 13.900
Alice D’Amato, ITA:14.166
Hitomi Hatakeda, JPN: 14.100

Nina Derwael, BEL: 15.400
Alice Kinsella, GBR: 14.166
Jessica Gadirova, GBR: 13.566
Amelie Morgan, GBR: 14.033
Jutta Verkest, BEL: 12.466
Lisa Vaelen, BEL: 13.766

Viktoriia Listunova, ROC: 14.900
Jordan Chiles, USA: 14.166
Angelina Menikova, ROC: 14.933
Vladislava Urazova, ROC: 14.866
Grace McCallum, USA: 13.700
Sunisa Lee, USA: 15.400

Balance beam

China: 41.599
USA: 41.232
Japan: 40.732
ROC: 39.532
Italy: 39.108
Great Britain: 38.866
France: 38.465
Belgium: 36.999

Nina Derwael, BEL: 13.866
Alice Kinsella, GBR: 13.333
Jennifer Gadirova, GBR: 13.300
Amelie Morgan, GBR: 12.233
Jutta Verkest, BEL: 12.200
Maellyse Brassart, BEL: 10.933

Martina Maggio, ITA: 13.075
Mai Murakami, JPN: 13.833
Yuna Hiraiwa, JPN:13.566
Asia D’Amato, ITA: 12.900
Alice D’Amato, ITA:13.133
Hitomi Hatakeda, JPN: 13.333

Xijing Tang, CHN: 13.733
Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, FRA: 13.566
Marine Boyer, FRA: 12.066
Carolann Heduit, FRA: 12.833
Yufei Li, CHN: 13.966
Jin Zhang, CHN: 13.900

Viktoriia Listunova, ROC: 14.333
Jordan Chiles, USA: 13.433
Angelina Menikova, ROC: 12.566
Vladislava Urazova, ROC: 12.633
Grace McCallum, USA: 13.666
Sunisa Lee, USA: 14.133

Floor exercise

ROC: 41.498
Italy: 40.366
Great Britain: 40.333
Japan: 40.066
France: 39.800
Belgium: 39.332
China 39.165
USAA: 38.866

Vanessa Ferrari, ITA: 14.100
Mai Murakami, JPN: 14.066
Aiko Sugihara, JPN: 13.200
Asia D’Amato, ITA: 13.200
Alice D’Amato, ITA: 13.100
Hitomi Hatakeda, JPN: 12.800

Nina Derwael, BEL: 13.366
Alice Kinsella, GBR: 12.800
Jennifer Gadirova, GBR: 13.700
Jessica Gadirova, GBR: 13.833
Jutta Verkest, BEL: 13.066
Lisa Vaelen, BEL: 12.900

Xijing Tang, CHN: 12.866
Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, FRA: 13.700
Marine Boyer, FRA: 13.000
Carolann Heduit, FRA: 13.100
Yufei Li, CHN: 13.166
Jin Zhang, CHN: 13.133

Viktoriia Listunova, ROC: 14.166
Jordan Chiles, USA: 11.700
Angelina Menikova, ROC: 13.966
Vladislava Urazova, ROC: 13.366
Grace McCallum, USA: 13.500
Sunisa Lee, USA: 13.666