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Has Messi’s DOMINANCE exposed MLS as sports entertainment?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the ongoing Messi-mania in Miami.

Messi-mania is still running WILD in Miami and it shows no signs of stopping.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is most definitely drinking that sweet, sweet Inter Miami Kool-Aid at the moment.

Domonique Foxworth was sitting in for Dan and he admitted that even though he was having a good time at the Miami Marlins game, he found himself peeking over Mike Ryan’s shoulder a lot to see Lionel Messi in action. However, Bill jumps right in with a wild question.

He wants to know: Soccer is fake right? RIGHT!?!?

He points out that Messi has come right in, scoring nine goals in six games making him the team leader in goals, he has led them to more wins since joining than they had ALL SEASON prior to his arrival and his goal last night against Philadelphia came from like all the way on the other side the field. It’s fun, and it’s good for the city and the league, but Billy has questions about it all.

Domonique wants to know if we should start calling it sports entertainment now, which Billy thinks is fair and notes that there is nothing wrong with that label. MLS would LOVE to be worth what WWE is worth. Billy doesn’t understand the made-up Leagues Cup tournament in which they are actively postponing actual league games and how is Messi scoring in EVERY game?

Domonique says he appreciated how they tried to work in an injury angle with Messi, but quickly abandoned it and sent him out there anyways. Billy is also confused as to why Messi with a supposed injury is out there 90 minutes into a game in which Inter Miami is up 4-1. Mike has no rebuttal ... to any of it.

Stugotz points out that Messi is clearly playing in a league he doesn’t belong in, he’s too good for this level of competition. Mike argues that while it’s a little bit above his normal output, it’s really on par with his standard performance. He also points out that it’s not just Messi making a difference for this new edition of Inter Miami — Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba deserve some credit too. Mike simply notes that he’s not doing anything that’s un-Messi-like, it wasn’t like he was looking washed before arriving in the U.S.

The ultimate test, Domonique says, for whether this is real or fake is can we predict the storylines? He thinks it has to be something physical, with a lean into a Messi injury with him missing a couple of games so we can see how the team does without him. Then you build it up for the big comeback, baby!

No matter what, though, one of the things Mike loves most about it all is that Messi looks like he’s having so much fun! Maybe it’s due to the pressure being lifted after winning the World Cup, but Messi is cheesing it up! And Mike says it’s done the impossible — the move to Miami made Messi charismatic!

After all, you need to be charismatic to make it in the cult of personality that is sports entertainment!

Meanwhile, it’s that time of the week once again. Yes, Adan Virk and David Samson are back, this time with their top five Steve Martin movies ...


Local Hour: The Pregame Speech

  • Tony delivers an impassioned pregame speech to get the crew going after they tell stories from last night’s group outing at the Marlins game. Then, Messi is off to a remarkable start with Inter Miami, so Billy questions whether or not the sport of soccer is fixed, and Domonique realizes he has some sports homework to do. Plus, Charlotte Wilder joins us to kick off a conversation about James Harden’s mess in Philadelphia. Is there a way out for Daryl Morey and the Sixers? Also, Jimbo Fisher joins us to discuss Mrs. Met.

The Big Suey: The Big Tuhoy

  • Domonique, Stugotz, Amin, and the rest of the crew dive back into the story of Michael Oher’s lawsuit against the Tuhoy family. They discuss the family’s statement, how people benefitted from Oher, why there are so many feel good stories for white people, and more. Then, Adnan Virk and David Samson join us to celebrate Steve Martin’s birthday with their Top 5 Steve Martin Comedies.

Hour 1: The Triple Threat

  • Tony has scientific proof that cold plunges are good for you, and that scientific a podcast. Mike and Stu discuss the biggest story in soccer: a goalie with magic tricks. Then, a former Marlins broadcaster’s feud with the team sparks a conversation on how the team honors its history and their celebration of the 2003 World Series over the weekend. Plus, Mike shares his opinion on ESPN’s deal with Penn. Could this lead to ESPN’s departure from Disney?

Hour 2: Are You Landsplaining Me?

  • We’ve got some good old-fashioned football talk! The crew mentions Justin Fields, Kenny Pickett, Aaron Rodgers, George Pickens, Travis Kelce, Anquan Boldin, and more before Domonique shares some old stories from his playing days. Then, Tony shares the details of his upcoming land deal with Billy Gil. Plus, Fabhino was gifted a rolex by someone in Saudi Arabia, so the crew dives into sports contracts Saudi Arabia and the “perks” these athletes are taking.

Postgame Show: Top 5 Songs To Get You Ready For The Weekend

  • It’s been an eventful day full of Top 5s, so we decided to end it in style.

Watch more below!


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