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Messi to Miami? MESSI TO MIAMI! Mike Ryan knew it all along

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the big news that Mike Ryan was right all along and Lionel Messi is coming to the MLS and Inter Miami.

Lionel Messi is taking his talents to South Beach and that means Mike Ryan was looking for his flowers today on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

Yes, that’s right, Mike Ryan was right all along. Mike has been saying for months that Messi to Miami was still in play, and lo and behold, today reports began circulating that, in fact, Messi will be joining Inter Miami.

Of course, Mike was very subtle and low-key about it all. Nah, who are we kidding. He was in his full glory, wearing a Messi T-shirt and flexing it like athletes do their jerseys when they’re about to win a title. Mike, of course, notes that he was right the whole time and wants his flowers. When Billy questions whether Mike actually ever reported that Messi was coming but rather was just saying it was possible, Mike retorts that he didn’t want to give a prediction, but his reporting the entire time was accurate. When others were tying him to PSG, Barca and and the Saudis, Mike remained steadfast that Inter Miami’s contact with Messi’s camp was regular, conversations were deep and that Inter Miami, while being dismissed by all of legacy media and the insiders, was in this hunt and this was going to be the week. Don’t doubt him! To quote Mike, “We got him! We got him!”


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As noted in the video above, Tony notes that this may have actually been a bigger day for Mike Ryan than it was for Messi. Mike then goes after, as Dan puts it, “the Woj of international soccer” by noting that you can’t spell “fabrication” without “fab.” Mike also points out that “the Woj of international soccer” reported back in December that Messi was re-signing with PSG, but Mike knew things.

David Samson, meanwhile, was left shaking his head and grumbling because Mike’s victory lap cut into his segment and left him standing at attention while being at the ready. David also rains on Mike’s parade a little bit by saying that it is MLS that is getting Messi, with Inter Miami acting basically as the conduit for the deal that is happening. Samson goes further, saying it’s not Inter Miami doing the negotiating but rather the MLS because of all the complicated particulars of the deal, such as getting a piece of the league’s deals with Apple and Adidas.

Samson says this is a league deal and they’re placing him in a market where they need to make sure they have stars in order to get the stadium built. Mike points out that the team has not yet begun construction of its new stadium and that once shovels go into dirt the team’s valuation rises. He then points out that perhaps the team waited until making this deal with Messi to begin so that he could reap the rewards of some of that increased value.

Mike also pushes back on David’s notion that this is league deal and not an Inter Miami deal as he says it is Inter Miami that has been negotiating with Messi’s camp for years and it was the team’s ownership taking direct face-to-face meetings Messi’s camp. He also says Apple and Adidas came into the discussion very recently and credit to MLS, the league is doing whatever it can to help this deal go through and become a reality. But, Mike says, to claim that this is a league deal takes credit away from the Mas family and Inter Miami. Mike also says that the Saudi money led to the league and its partners to step up to the plate and make this a more robust offer on an annual value basis.

David asks Mike if he’s sure that Messi is getting equity in Inter Miami and not just the same deal David Beckham got where he would get an opportunity to buy into an expansion franchise, and Mike was firm that Messi is, in fact, getting a percentage of Inter Miami. Mike says it was Inter Miami’s deal wire to wire, MLS may have gotten into the game late but the conversations were always going through the Mas family.

Meanwhile, that may not be the end of it all, according to Mike ...

Check out the breakdown of Wednesday’s show below.


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