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What’s up with Dan Orlovsky’s eating habits?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomes the ESPN NFL analyst to discuss what his colleagues mock him for — his palate.

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Monday and ... let’s just say Dan has some weird eating habits.

Dan and the crew didn’t talk NFL Draft with the UConn legend since he and the NFL Live crew won’t be part of the broadcast, but Dan notes that one of things he thinks is best about Orlovsky is that he’s a good sport and has a willingness, and perhaps even a slight fetish, about showing people his weirdness with confidence. So what would the former NFL quarterback’s NFL Live colleagues say is among the strangest things he’s revealed about himself that they mock him for? His food thoughts.

Orlovsky revealed that the simplicity of his palate, noting that if you just give him chicken he is fine. No, literally, Orlovsky said he routinely eats PLAIN grilled chicken. And breasts, mind you, not thighs. Occasionally, the ESPN analyst will get CRAZY and dip the chicken in some ketchup, but that’s it. Orlovsky also has relatively plain tastes when it comes to nachos. Orlovsky revealed his preferred nacho recipe and it is as follows:

  • Tortilla chips
  • Cheese
  • Chicken

End recipe.

Orlovsky said he doesn’t like salsa, he doesn’t like spice, he doesn’t like jalapenos and he says sour cream is gross and refried beans make no sense.

Perhaps even weirder, Orlovsky said that when he’s around the NFL Live crew he’ll taste different foods and actually like them, but he never implements those foods into his life. Luckily for Orlovsky, he said his wife is the female version of him when it comes to eating habits. Orlovsky did admit that he finds it fascinating when people lose their minds over his eating habits — which, in fact, the Le Batard crew did several times.

When asked about a teammate who shocked him with how much they could eat, Orlovsky delivered this name: MEGATRON. Yes, that’s right Calvin Johnson. He took note that he ate as healthy as possible, while Megatron ate whatever he wanted whenever he wanted and still look like he was cut out of stone. As Stugotz said, classic Megatron.

Meanwhile, the DLB crew is in their new digs and Stugotz was already in rare form ...

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


Local Hour: Yearning For Illuminating Thoughts

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The Big Suey: Mike Schur Lights The Damn Beam

  • Dan Orlovsky joins the show to tell us about his weird food takes and NOT the NFL Draft. Jessica shares details about her trip to the west coast of Florida including seeing a cigarette machine before Amin tells us of his previous life selling bootleg CDs. Then, an exuberant Mike Schur is here for his Stat of the Day after his Sacramento Kings took down the Warriors in Game 1 of their Western Conference playoff battle.

Hour 1: Brought To You By The Stanley Cup

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Hour 2: Dare I Say, I Don’t Know, We’ll See

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Postgame Show: Stealing Signs

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Watch more below!


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