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Air Jordan 3 x J Balvin “Sunset”: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the details for the Air Jordan 3 x J Balvin “Sunset,” set for release on Saturday, September 23.

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J Balvin is once again teaming up with Jordan Brand and he’s sticking with the numerical order and providing his take on one of the greatest sneakers of all time, the Air Jordan 3. The Air Jordan 3 x J Balvin “Sunset” is set to drop on Saturday for $250.

Of course, J Balvin has previously collaborated with Jordan Brand on the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 2. Now, obviously, there is quite a bit of difference in popularity between the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 2, but it should be noted that while the Air Jordan 1 is selling for well above retail on StockX, the Air Jordan 2 actually has an average sale price BELOW retail. There has been a lot of talk of late about the bubble perhaps bursting a bit on the resale market, with giant profits being hard to come by. However, let’s keep in mind that the Air Jordan 2 originally retailed for $300 and had additional features, such as a light-up Wings logo. But, I don’t anticipate J Balvin’s Air Jordan 3 having similar struggles.

The Air Jordan 3, of course, is one of, if not the, greatest sneakers of all time (I ranked it as my No. 2 Jordan of all time) and is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. I’ve written about it multiple times in the past, but it is quite possibly the sneaker that saved not only the Air Jordan line but also Nike itself. Not only did Tinker Hatfield deliver in the clutch with one of the greatest designs of all time that hit many of the notes that MJ had been looking for, and had previously not received, but then Michael delivered on the court. Wearing the Air Jordan 3, he led the league in points per game (35.0), steals (3.2) and minutes played (40.4), and wore the model for his famous dunk from the foul line during the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest in Chicago and in the All-Star Game.

The Air Jordan 3 is considered one of the most wearable of all Air Jordan models and is one of those sneakers that looks good brand new out of the box or cooked after many, many wearings. For many, the Air Jordan 3 Reimagined from earlier this year is one of, if not the, top picks for sneaker of the year. Many are also throwing out the J Balvin “Sunset” in that conversation as well.

The thing that will immediately catch your eye is the bright gradient hits on the midsole as well as the back heel tab that SNKRS says “evoke the colors of a Medellín sunset.” On said back heel tabs, one side has the OG “Nike Air” branding, while the other side has J Balvin’s branding. The upper consists of what Jordan Brand terms “soft suede and premium leather” in a Coconut Milk color with yellow accents. And of course, being an Air Jordan 3, the iconic elephant print makes an appearance just where you would expect it to be. A milky translucent completes the look. The shoe comes with special packaging, even down to the tissue paper, as well as a J Balvin hang tag. There will also be a matching clothing capsule that drops on Saturday featuring pants and tops.

The shoe has already made its way to StockX, sitting with a $466 average sale price on 619 sales, representing a 50% price premium. Comparatively, J Balvin’s Air Jordan 1 from 2020 currently has an average sale price of $407 on StockX, while his Air Jordan 2, as noted above, sits below retail with an average sale price of $211. However, I would imagine this Air Jordan 3 would lean closer to the success of the Air Jordan 1 rather than the relative disappointment of the Air Jordan 2. It should be noted that these are also marked up at $250 compared to other Air Jordan 3 retros, with the Air Jordan 3 Reimagined priced at $210 earlier this year, by comparison. However, don’t be complacent, as these are likely to be a quick sell-out, so best of luck to all looking to pick up a pair!

Air Jordan 3 x J Balvin “Sunset” Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Air Jordan 3 x J Balvin Sunset Sep. 23 $250

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