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TE rankings for 2023 NFL best ball leagues

NFL free agency and the NFL Draft have both wrapped up and it’s time for 2023 best ball rankings.

Evan Engram #17 of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on during Training Camp at Miller Electric Center on August 03, 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida. Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Tight ends are some of the toughest positions to rank. Every year it seems one of the top-tier tight ends underperforms, another shoots up the ranks out of nowhere, and then Travis Kelce winds up as the best tight end in fantasy football by a wide margin. The good news is that in best ball, some of those middling tight ends that have upside come with a lot more value since you don’t have to try and choose when their breakout game will be.

Best ball takes lineup decisions, waivers and trades out of the fantasy football equation. You draft an extended roster, and then your best lineup is automatically generated weekly, so you don’t have to worry about starting the wrong player at the wrong time. With that in mind, here are our deeper tight end rankings for 2023 best ball leagues.

2023 best ball rankings: Top 45 TEs

Best ball leagues are still redraft leagues, so you see the same names at the top of the list. Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, George Kittle and T.J. Hockenson deserve to be the first tight ends off the board as your draft progresses. Darren Waller was traded in the offseason, but the New York Giants needed to surround franchise quarterback Daniel Jones with better pass catchers, and he fits the bill.

I am above ADP (average draft position) on Las Vegas Raiders TE Michael Mayer by nine spots. He is a rookie, and the Raiders did replace Waller with veteran Austin Hooper, but Mayer was a top tight end in this year’s class. He may start as the backup in the offense, but his talent should help him overtake Hooper. Since it is a matter of when and not if, I think Mayer is perfectly suited for a best ball roster.

I am lower than ADP on Green Bay Packers TE Luke Musgrave by eight spots. He has a bright future in the NFL, and I’d be higher on him if Green Bay didn’t turn around and draft another rookie tight end. If this were dynasty, I’d have no problem adding him to the roster at his ADP, if not higher, given that he is a rookie. The switch from Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love under center in Green Bay doesn’t make me worry as much about the team’s wide receivers, but I’m a little more cautious when it comes to the tight ends.