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WR PPR rankings for 2023 fantasy football

The NFL preseason is in full swing and so are our 2023 fantasy football PPR wide receiver rankings.

 Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp waves to fans during Rams training camp at UCI in Irvine Thursday, July 27, 2023. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The NFL preseason has begun, and the 2023 fantasy football season is upon us. Your league could be drafting soon, or you could wait until the last possible minute to minimize the chance of team-altering injuries. Either way, you likely have an eye on training camp reports and how teams operate. Here is how we suggest tackling the wide receiver position for 2023 fantasy football leagues that utilize PPR scoring.

2023 Fantasy football rankings: Top 145 WR PPR

In full PPR leagues you can’t go wrong with accumulating the best receivers early in drafts and waiting on running backs and quarterbacks. In today’s NFL, receivers are much more reliable than in the past, giving us big numbers on a consistent basis. Running backs on the other hand are giving up work to committee backs and have a higher chance of getting injured.

Also, taking fliers on running backs is usually a better strategy than trying to find wide receiver sleepers late in drafts. Sure, they can be found, but the upside of a backup running back if the starter goes down is usually better than what a backup wide receiver will fall into after the starter is injured. Feel free to skimp on running back early in PPR leagues.