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When have all four No. 1 seeds failed to make the Elite Eight in NCAA Tournament history?

The 2023 NCAA Tournament has a featured a level of parity never before seen.

San Diego State v Alabama Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Update: No. 1 Houston fell in an 89-75 loss to No. 5 Miami on Friday. All No. 1 seeds have been eliminated before the Elite Eight for the first time in NCAA Tournament history.

The 2023 NCAA Tournament been chaos and this could very much end up as the most chaotic in history. No. 1 overall seed Alabama fell to No. 5 San Diego State 71-64 in the South Region semifinals on Friday and No. 1 Houston is currently on the ropes in the second-half against No. 5 Miami in the Midwest Region semifinal.

Should the Cougars fall, this will mark the first time in history of the NCAA Tournament history where all four No. 1 seeds have failed to reach the Elite Eight. Of course, East Region No. 1 Purdue lost to Fairleigh Dickinson in round one, becoming the second No. 1 seed in tournament history to fall to a 16. And West Region No. 1 Kansas fell to Arkansas in the second round.

We have arguably never seen this level of parity in college basketball as any number of the remaining teams could ended up cutting down the nets in Houston. UConn is the only previous national title winner still standing in the field, so there will be plenty of opportunity to see a first-time champ next weekend.

This will also be the first time since 2011 where no No. 1 seeds have made the Final Four. The national championship game that year featured No. 3 UConn defeat No. 8 Butler 53-41 in a game where the Bulldogs shot a putrid 18.8% from the field.