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Reignmakers UFC: What Players Need to Know About Year 2

Learn about what’s on deck for the second year of Reignmakers UFC!

The 2024 UFC event schedule is closing in, which means it’s time for some Reignmakers UFC product updates.

Creating and launching a whole new category for UFC digital fighter game cards in 2023 was a major development, but that wasn’t enough. The initial game design needed tweaks. Be it a Reignmakers rookie or a seasoned veteran, players need to be able to experience Reignmakers UFC in the manner they prefer.

As such, the 2024 event schedule is all about developing Reignmakers UFC in a manner that players, both experienced and new, can play the game the way they want.

With that in mind, let’s get to all the updates.

2023 Fighter Game Cards Trade-In Plan

2023 fighter game card holders will not be left hanging at the end of this year — they will have multiple options for their 2023 year-long cards. At year’s end, trade-in recipes for 2023 year-long cards will start being offered, plus crafting tokens for 2024 cards.

NOTE: Holders of ELITE+ Heatwave, Dana White’s Contender Series and UFC International Fight Week cards will have the ability to trade their 2023 fighter game cards for 2024 versions at the same rarity tier WITHOUT A CRAFTING TOKEN in accordance with their stated utility.

Players that decide to not trade in 2023 year-long cards will still be able to play them in 2024. DraftKings is dedicating $750,000 in cash prizing to 2023 Reignmakers UFC cards throughout 2024, which will include Prize Pack contests that run in accordance with every UFC Fight Night and Cash contests that run in accordance with every UFC Pay-Per-View (PPV). 2023 year-long cards will also be eligible for contest play, whereas 2023 Event Set cards will not be eligible for any 2024 prizing.

2023 crafting tokens will have trade-in recipes offered, as well; they will be trade-in eligible for 2024 crafting tokens of the same rarity tier.

Franchise Score will carry-over for 2023 year-long set cards and will be dependent upon whether the fighter fought in 2023:

  • If the fighter fought in 2023, their year-long card Franchise Score carryover will be 10% of the 2023 value.
  • If the fighter did not fight in 2023, their year-long card Franchise Score carryover will be 50% of the 2023 value.

Headline Sets

Based on community feedback, 2024 Headline Sets will largely include the same utility from one set to another. There will be three Headline Sets for Reignmakers UFC in 2024: Walkout, Glove Touch and Collide. Currently, the only planned utility differences between the sets will come via the Franchise Score values of cards in the set.

Each successive Headline Set will only feature new fighters not included in prior Headline Set drops. Example: Alexander Volkanovski will be included in the Walkout Set. No Alexander Volkanovski cards will drop within the Glove Touch or Collide sets.

Additionally, the bulk of each Headline Set will consist of fighters scheduled to appear in one of the six to eight UFC weekly events immediately following the launch of the set.

Throughout the year, 2+ fighter game cards from any of the Headline Sets (Walkout, Glove Touch or Collide) will be required to participate in all non-cash contests, which includes the likes of Prize Pack contests, Event Pack contests, Reignmakers World Champion (RMWC) qualifying contests, DFS ticket contests and Experience contests.

(UPDATE: Due to UFC scheduling, the release date for the Glove Touch Set has been moved to February 28, 2024.)

In order to meet the distribution requirements that it will take for Reignmakers UFC players to hold cards to participate in these contests weekly, Headline Set drops will almost exclusively include fighters who are on the upcoming fight schedule.

Instead of dropping Headline Sets with the full-season fighter checklist, which was done this past year, checklists will be scaled down to focus on fighter relevancy for near-term events.

Guaranteed Headline Set Scarcity

Fighter scarcities will remain similar to 2023, with the caveat of simplifying the Edition Tiers down from five total to three: Ranked, Dana White’s Contender Series and Challengers.

ELITE edition counts for Ranked fighters will increase from 240 in 2023 to 250 in 2024.

2024 edition counts across all rarities will go unchanged for Dana White’s Contender Series fighters.

To simplify the overall tokenomics structure, edition counts for fighters in the Challengers tier will match that of Dana White’s Contender Series in 2024.

Guaranteed Headline Set Scarcity Breakdown

Edition Tier (When Added) Rarity Guaranteed Headline Set Scarcity
Edition Tier (When Added) Rarity Guaranteed Headline Set Scarcity
Ranked Fighters (including Champions) ELITE 250
2023 Dana White's Contender Series ELITE 140 (50 from 2023, 90 for 2024)
LEGENDARY 35 (10 from 2023, 25 for 2024)
REIGNMAKER 7 (1 from 2023, 6 for 2024)
Challengers (all non-ranked fighters that did not earn a contract via the 2023 Dana White’s Contender Series) ELITE 140

(NOTE: Dana White’s Contender Series guaranteed scarcity originally shared here.)

Special Pack Drop Dates & Details

DraftKings heard player feedback on being able to prepare for the entirety of a Reignmakers season from the get-go. To help players plan accordingly, it’s important to note that it’s anticipated there will be several occasions where a 2024 Event Set drop runs but differs from the norm:

On all seven of these occasions throughout 2024, Reignmakers UFC players can expect Event Set drops to run in the described manner within the graphic above, which is unlike most Event Set drops. Each Headline Set Drop will only impact one (1) Event Set drop.

2024 Prizing Update

To start, weekly Reignmakers UFC contest prizing structures will remain the same as they were in 2023 — $125,000 in prizes for UFC Fight Nights and $250,000 in prizes for UFC Pay-Per-Views. But, DraftKings is introducing a new mechanic in 2024 that will allow for additional prizing to be unlocked any time an Event Set drop fully sells out on the primary market ($50,000 for UFC Fight Nights and $100,000 for UFC Pay-Per-Views):

The rarity tier of the bonus contest will be pre-announced at the start of the week and will adjust moving forward based on the feedback from the community. Bonus contests will be run at either the CORE or RARE tiers, as those tiers have the largest increases in edition counts comparative to 2023

2024 Event Set Update

In order to account for the new bonus prizing structure, DraftKings has updated Event Set Editions, with the aim of making this product more scalable to a larger audience.

The 2023 scratched fighter procedure, in hindsight, was very complex. That will change this upcoming season:

2024 Octagon Pass

Octagon Pass Drop (ELITE through REIGNMAKER Tiers)

ELITE through REIGNMAKER-tier Octagon Passes will drop on Wednesday, December 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

2023 pass-holders will enjoy 48-hour preferred access to 2024 drops at their respective rarity tier.

Following the preferred access window, the remaining Elite Passes will be dropped on primary. If there are any remaining unsold LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER-tier passes, those will be auctioned off on Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10 (if necessary depending on remaining unsold supply).

RARE-tier passes will be dropped in early January, with more details on exact drop date soon.

Franchise Score

Last year, Franchise Score was a major focus, given the introduction of a massive checklist of fighters despite many not having a fight on the calendar.

There has been a focus on reallocating some of the Franchise Score prizing in 2024 to areas that will enhance the Reignmakers UFC player experience and develop the game. Three areas where great engagement have been apparent thus far, and are cause for excitement when looking to the future, are Event Packs, Reignmakers World Championship and previous year card prizing. As a result, that’s led to the following in 2024:

  • Adding a championship final with a $100K Grand Prize and $50K second-place prize.
  • Allocating $750K in prizing for 2023 cards.
  • Event Packs (utilizing money to incentivize sell-through and invite more players to the experience).

Reallocating funds allows DraftKings to better focus on the long-term, scaled vision of a Reignmakers UFC game that can be enjoyed by the masses.

NOTE: In addition to the initial announcement, there is more information regarding the 2024 Reignmakers UFC Franchise Score program to be shared with the community. The weekly leaderboard is set to be eliminated for Reignmakers UFC in 2024. To the delight of season-long collectors and Octagon Pass holders, there will be 12 monthly snapshots throughout the year for Reignmakers UFC, totaling $1 million. These snapshots will be based on the overall, cumulative leaderboard that represents a player’s Franchise Score based on their entire collection.

To ensure that players are fully ready for the 2024 event schedule at kickoff, the first snapshot of the year will be the January Snapshot, which is set to pay out $150K DK Dollars to Reignmakers UFC players. Full payout details for this snapshot will be available as Year 2 gets closer.

Achievements Program

Last year, Achievements were kicked off in April, with completions and progress being backdated to the beginning of the season. The season was year-long, as opposed to how the UFC program for DFS is operated with bi-year achievements. This serves as a great way for anyone new to playing to have the opportunity to get in on the action and not miss out on all the rewards.

This season, there will be first-half and second-half achievements, spanning from things you may know, like “Pack Ripper” and “Ironman,” as well as new achievements… which players will be able to complete for rewards, such as packs, crowns, tier credits, etc.

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