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DraftKings Reignmakers UFC: What Customers Need to Know About Dana White’s Contender Series Side Set

Learn about the newest Reignmakers UFC side set!

Beginning on August 16, 2023, DraftKings will drop the first round of 2023 Dana White’s Contender Series Season 7 UFC contract winning fighters. Episodes of Dana White’s Contender Series run on Tuesdays weekly starting on August 8, 2023, and ending on October 10, 2023. Eight (8) days following each episode, DraftKings will drop the UFC contract winning fighters from the show as part of the Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) side set. All DWCS set fighter game cards will feature Reignmakers UFC in-game usability through the end of the 2024 season. At the end of the 2023, cards will be trade-in eligible (without a crafting token) for the 2024 versions of the same fighter at the same rarity tier.

What is Dana White’s Contender Series?

DWCS is a television show airing weekly on ESPN+ where up-and-coming fighters fight for a chance to earn an official UFC contract. At the end of each show, Dana White selects which fighters will be offered a UFC contract, and all the fighters offered a contract in a given week will be dropped in the following week’s DWCS drops.

How Will Dana White’s Contender Series Drops Work?

Each fighter offered a UFC contract will be dropped individually from the CORE to ELITE rarity tiers, and the LEGENDARY/REIGNMAKER rarity tier editions will be auctioned off. Here’s how drops will work on the Wednesday of the subsequent week following each episode of the DWCS show (barring conflicts):

Additionally, 10 LEGENDARY editions of each fighter and one (1) REIGNMAKER edition of each fighter will be auctioned off. LEGENDARY editions will start at a $1 starting bid with $25 Bid Increments. REIGNMAKER editions will start at a $1 starting bid with $50 bid increments.

Will DraftKings produce any more editions of 2023 Dana White’s Contender Series Winners beyond this set?

No, the DWCS set will be the only way to acquire these fighters in season-long sets in 2023. If a fighter gets scheduled for a 2023 event, they will still get included in that week’s Event Packs.

How Will Scarcity Work for The Fighters Included in This Set?

Each fighter featured in the DCSW set will have 50 ELITE editions, 10 LEGENDARY editions and one (1) REIGNMAKER edition sold from this set. Those cards will carry season-long usability throughout the rest of 2023 and 2024.

Additionally, each fighter from this set will only have an additional 90 ELITE editions, 25 LEGENDARY editions and six (6) REIGNMAKER editions available for purchase in other season-long sets to be released in 2024.

Here’s a full breakdown:

What Will the Franchise Score Boost Be for Dana White’s Contender Series Fighter Game Cards?

DWCS cards will feature a 3x Franchise Score boost.

What Happens if I Collect All Fighters from the Dana White’s Contender Series Side Set?

Any user that collects all fighters at the CORE, RARE or ELITE rarity tiers will be eligible for a collector’s challenge prize. For more details on this promotion, please visit here.

How Will Cards Be Distributed if Drops Do Not Sell Out During Their 48 Hours on Site?

The only way to access unsold cards from primary drops will be via Reignmakers contests that are portfolio-gated for holders of DWCS Side Set cards.

Contests will run every other week beginning with the September 2 UFC Fight Night and ending with the October 7 UFC Fight Night. Here is how the prizing will be distributed:

DWCS prizing packs won via DWCS portfolio-gated contests will include one card of the CORE, RARE or ELITE rarity (depending on the allotment of unsold inventory). Prizing packs’ descriptions will convey the percentage of each rarity tier included within them.

The final contest will be held in accordance with UFC 295 and will require 25+ DWCS Fighter Game Cards held within a collection to be eligible for entry.

NOTE: DWCS Collector’s Challenge payouts are scheduled to occur on October 23. In order to be eligible for Collector’s Challenge payouts, users will need to have purchased fighters from weeks 7-10 in DWCS on the primary market.

Any unsold fighters from weeks 7-10, along with any other previous unsold DWCS inventory, will be offered via prizing in the final UFC 295 portfolio-gated contest for holders of 25+ DWCS cards.

Dana White’s Contender Series Side Set Checklists

Week 1 Contract Winners

Kevin Borjas
Payton Talbott
Caio Machado
Tom Nolan
Cesar Almeida

Week 2 Contract Winners

Charalampos Grigoriou
Eduarda Moura
Hyder Amil
Ibo Aslan
Abdul-Kerim Al-Selwady

Week 3 Contract Winners

Luis Pajuelo
Oban Elliott
Zach Reese

Week 4 Contract Winners

Bolaji Oki
Thomas Petersen
Carlos Prates

Week 5 Contract Winners

Dione Barbosa
Jean Silva
Dylan Budka
Serhiy Sidey
Brendson Ribeiro

Week 6 Contract Winners

James Llontop
Jhonata Diniz
Steven Nguyen
Julia Polastri
Jean Matsumoto

Week 7 Contract Winners

Igor da Silva
Kaynan Kruschewsky
Stephanie Luciano
Shamil Gaziev

NOTE: Check back here for the new checklist from each week as Dana White’s Contender Series continues.

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