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Reignmakers Football 101: Rarities, Positions and SuperStars

Learn the basics of DraftKings’ Reignmakers Football!

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What is Reignmakers Football?

Reignmakers Football is a new NFT-based fantasy sports game built by DraftKings officially licensed by the NFLPA.

Similar to traditional or daily fantasy football contests, Reignmakers Football gives users the opportunity to compete against others by building lineups of NFL players and scoring points for their in-game performance.

However, with Reignmakers Football, lineups are not built using a draft or salary cap like traditional fantasy leagues. Instead, users craft a lineup based on the Reignmakers NFTs they own.

What are Reignmakers Football NFTs?

Reignmakers Football is composed of two different types of NFTs, Field Passes and Player Card NFTs.

Reignmakers Football Field Pass Breakdown

Reignmakers Football Field Pass NFTs grant holders exclusive access to pack drops, contests, and more.

Field Pass NFTs come in the following five rarities, ordered from least to most rare:

  • CORE
  • RARE

The rarity of the Field Pass directly impacts the types of exclusive contests and pack drops the holder is eligible for. For example, holding a LEGENDARY Field Pass will grant the holder access to more premium pack drops compared to holding a CORE Field Pass.

Looking to buy a Reignmakers Field Pass NFT? You can on the DraftKings Marketplace.

Reignmakers Football Player Card NFTs

The second major component of Reignmakers Football is the Player Card NFT.

Player Card NFTs are the building blocks to creating lineups and entering contests on Reignmakers Football. Each card represents a real-life NFL player and allows the user to score fantasy points for the player’s on-field performance.

Player Card NFT Rarities

Player Card NFTs come in the same five rarities as Field Passes.

Much like rarity impacts the contests or exclusive perks available to Field Pass holders, the rarity of a Player Card NFT determines which contests it can be used in.

Player Card NFT Positions

Aside from rarity, Player Card NFTs are also categorized by position. Depending on the contest, users must create lineups with a variety of positional cards.

Position categories for Reignmakers Player Card NFTs can be seen below:

  • QB1
  • Skill Starter (projected starters at the running back, wide receiver and tight end position)
  • Role Player
  • Additional Depth
  • Kickers
  • Defensive Player
  • Rookies (Offense)
  • Rookies (Defense)

SuperStar Player Card NFTs

Some Reignmakers Player Card NFTs receive “SuperStar” status. Only a small list of players earn this designation, and only one SuperStar can be used per lineup. Important note: You can only play SuperStar cards in contests at their tier or below. For example, a RARE SuperStar can only be played in RARE or CORE contests.

Find the full checklist of SuperStar players here:

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Austin Ekeler
  • CeeDee Lamb
  • Christian McCaffrey
  • Cooper Kupp
  • Dalvin Cook
  • Davante Adams
  • Deebo Samuel
  • Derrick Henry
  • Ja’Marr Chase
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Josh Allen
  • Justin Herbert
  • Justin Jefferson
  • Lamar Jackson
  • Najee Harris
  • Patrick Mahomes II

For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.

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