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How Reignmakers Football Scoring Works

Chirag Hira and Jeff Pratt break down the scoring system for Reignmakers Football.

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How Reignmakers Football Scoring Works

For those who have played regular DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports contests, you’ll be happy to see that the scoring system for Reignmakers Football is exactly the same.

Reignmakers will utilize PPR scoring, or point per reception. This scoring style is exactly what it sounds like, as receivers, tight ends and running backs will be rewarded an additional point for every catch.

Find a full breakdown of the scoring system below:




Additional Scoring Notes

  • Kickers are only eligible for extra points and field goals made (e.g. a kicker will receive 0 points in the event the kicker rushes for a TD). Non-kickers are not eligible for kicker scoring categories.
  • Scoring for a defense or special teams player, with the exception of a kicker, is based on the scoring for the entire defense and special teams of such selected players’ team, excluding the kicker. For example, in the event a participant selects a linebacker from Team A for the Flex position (as defined in the Lineup Requirements section), scoring for the Flex position will be based on Team A’s entire defense and special teams, with the exception of the kicker, and not just the scoring for the linebacker selected in the Flex position.
  • Points allowed only includes points surrendered while a team’s defense or special teams is on the field and does not include points given up by a team’s offense (e.g. points off offensive turnovers).
  • The following scoring plays will result in points allowed by a defense or special teams:
  • Rushing TDs, passing TDs, offensive fumble recovery TDs, punt return TDs, kick return TDs, FG return TDs, blocked FG TDs, blocked punt TDs
  • 2 point conversions
  • 2 point conversion/extra-point returns
  • Extra-points
  • FGs
  • A fumble recovery will be awarded to a defense or special teams in the event that team’s offense recovers a fumble by the opposing defense (e.g. after an offensive turnover).

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