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How much are Floyd Mayweather and Deji getting paid for Sunday’s exhibition bout

Floyd Mayweather and Deji face off on Sunday in an exhibition bout. We break down the potential purse money for both fighters.

Floyd Mayweather and Deji Olatunji attend a training prior to their boxing match at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, UAE on November 08, 2022. Photo by Waleed Zein/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather and social media star Deji are fighting on Sunday, November 13 in a PPV exhibition bout that will take place in the United Arab Emirates. It’s a pure money play for both fighters, and odds are good this will turn into a solid payday for the two fighters.

How much each will take home is likely never going to be fully known. There generally won’t be a 100% accurate report on the purse money involved, and we’re going to be left guessing based on the public comments of both fighters. And given that both men have built their reputations in large part on hyping their respective products, it’s hard to take either seriously in that regard.

Global Titans is promoting the bout and CEO Uday Singh told the media that Mayweather will earn somewhere between $25 million and $30 million for the bout. That theoretically could just be for the bout itself because last year, Mayweather claimed he earned $30 million alone for the sponsorship of his trunks when he fought Logan Paul.

The folks at Total Sportal offer up reports about payment, but it’s never clear just how accurate those are. They’re claiming Mayweather is due $10 million guaranteed plus 80% of the PPV share, and that could add up to $150 million.

How much of that should we believe? I generally believe that until we see proof, it’s best to assume fighters and promoters are overestimating how much money is actually being made for a fighter. Ahead of the fight it’s in their best interests to play it up to boost PPV sales. After the fight, it’s about keeping the hype up for an eventual next bout.

Total Sportal projected Deji would make $1.5 million guaranteed plus 20% of PPV shares, which could add up to $3.5 million. There’s been some speculation that a comparison to Logan Paul’s take against Mayweather would suggest up to $4 million. However, it’s still not entirely clear what Paul made given as recently as June he was still suing Mayweather for full payment.

Whatever Deji is slated to earn, he’ll likely be left waiting for two reasons. First, PPV and ticket numbers can take some time to finalize and so that can delay the payment of any percentage of sales. Second, the Paul-Mayweather lawsuit is not the first time Mayweather has been involved in financial litigation, so it wouldn’t be a shock if Deji had to do some work to get properly paid.