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Ranking the top-10 Super Bowl snacks

We count down the top-10 snack foods to look forward to Super Bowl Sunday as you enjoy the festivities.

Is Tyreek Hill a must-roster for the big game?

Super Bowl LV is quickly approaching, and with that, you’re going to need to make sure that your kitchen is well-stocked and ready for the festivities. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs will kick off February 7 at 6:30 p.m. ET... just in time for dinner.

Though your Super Bowl “parties” may look different in 2021, don’t let that keep you from enjoying the food festivities. Halve your recipes, and enjoy the fact that your friend’s friend’s cousin won’t be around to steal the last bite of your favorite snack on game day.

Here, we’ll count down our picks for Top-10 Super Bowl Snacks ahead of Super Bowl LV.

10. Pizza

Pizza should be ranked higher on this list; I know that. However, pizza dominates menus year-round. The Super Bowl grants us permission to indulge beyond the ways that we normally would. Crust, sauce, cheese — you can’t go wrong. Pizza is a universal food, and that’s part of its beauty.

9. Sandwich ring

Sandwich rings are nothing too special, but they somehow feel like an integral part of any Super Bowl celebration. We don’t need to overthink this one.

8. Fried pickles

Pickles are delicious enough in their own right, but dip them in batter and throw them in a fire, and they’re as good as gold. Local county fairs have proven that we can fry literally anything, but paired with the right dip, fried pickles will top the list.

The Food Network has partnered recipes for crispy, fried pickles with the perfect dip for our enjoyment.

7. Cookie cake

There are few opportunities that adults can pull off buying a cookie cake when a child’s birthday isn’t involved. Cherish every opportunity.

6. Snack table — Give me all of the chips, dips and pretzels

This is a blanket category, but there are some people who prefer to continually graze the snack table throughout the game. Whether the game is at a commercial break, waiting to kick off after a score, or in between plays, there are some of us that always find our way back to nibble at the snack table. The chip and dip possibilities are endless, no matter your taste. Kettle chips, barbecue, salt and vinegar — there’s a little something for everyone.

Mix it up with some Mexican cheese corn dip or the best-ever guacamole on gameday.

5. Nachos

The beauty of nachos is that they’re a blank canvas for literally anything that you’re craving. Start off with a plate of tortilla chips, and the rest is up to you. Cheese? Yep, all of it. Meat? Any kind works. Lettuce, guac, sour cream, salsa, olives? Anything is possible on Super Bowl Sunday.

Since there’s no recipe needed when you’re creating your own masterpiece, check out this recipe for 7-Layer Dip courtesy of Food Network. It’s got everything you need in one bite.

4. Cheeseburger sliders

Who doesn’t love tiny things? Who doesn’t love cheeseburgers? Next.

3. Publix fried chicken

Any fried chicken could make the list here, but with Tampa Bay hosting this year’s Super Bowl, Publix deserves a special shout out. The skin is always crispy, and the meat is never dry, and they’ve mastered the spices. It’s the best fried chicken available at any retail store or chain restaurant. Sorry, Popeyes.

If you’re in an area with a Publix, stop by the deli for the ultimate main course Super Bowl 55.

2. Buffalo chicken dip

Buffalo chicken dip would have finished as the 1.01 on this list if the Buffalo Bills had made it to Super Bowl LV, but alas, here we are with the Bucs and the Chiefs. It’s the perfect balance of spicy and creamy, and with the wealth of chicken in the pot, it’s a dip you can truly make a meal out of (and enjoy). Feeling guilty about your overindulgence? Just whisper to yourself, “At least I’m getting some protein!” You can dip anything in buffalo chicken dip, from tortilla chips to pita chips to celery. It’s the ultimate versatile dip.

Check out this easy, five-ingredient recipe for Buffalo chicken dip courtesy of I Heart Naptime.

1. Wings

A Super Bowl without wings is like a Super Bowl with no quarterbacks. It just doesn’t work. Baked, fried or boneless — just pick your poison (and sauce) and enjoy.