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Which Players were Added, Removed from Reignmakers Football SuperStar List

Learn about the changes to the SuperStar list coming ahead of Week 9.

The final Reignmakers Football SuperStar List has been set for the remainder of the 2023 season!

One note before getting to the changes: These updates to the SuperStar list will go into effect when Week 9 of the season begins.

Also, here’s a refresher on what went into deciding whether a player was added or removed from the list:

  • Players will only be considered for removal from the SuperStar List if they are scoring outside of the top 10 at their position, in both total FPTS and FPTS per game. DraftKings may use discretion in removing players from the SuperStar list if the player would otherwise qualify but is expected to miss four (4) or more weeks due to injury or other reasons reported in/following Weeks 7 or 8.
  • DraftKings will only consider adding new players to the SuperStar List if they are currently in the top-10 list of their positions (or within 10% of 10th place) based on FPPG through Week 7.
  • DraftKings will not include a QB and a WR/TE to the SuperStar List if they are on the same team UNLESS a trade occurs between update windows.
  • It will be at DraftKings’ discretion if a player is added to the SuperStar List.
  • DraftKings will never include more than 25 players on the SuperStar List.

New SuperStars

Five players will be added to the SuperStar list when Week 9 begins:

With these additions and the removals (see below), there are now seven WRs on the SuperStar List and four RBs.

Removed SuperStars

Six of the original 17 SuperStars were removed from the list, bringing the total to 16 following the new additions. Here are the players who will lose their SuperStar status once Week 9 begins.

Remaining SuperStars

None of the five QBs who were given SuperStar status to start the 2023 Reignmakers Football status will lose their standing among the sport’s best:

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