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Can you bet on the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl?

Will DraftKings Sportsbook have odds available to bet on the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl game between the AFC and NFC?

A general view of the “Duke” Wilson Official NFL football at mid-field with the Pro Bowl Logo on it during the game at Camping World Stadium on January 28, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. The AFC defeated the NFC 24 to 23. Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The 2024 Pro Bowl Games will maintain the format change implemented by the NFL last season. Rather than the traditional conference vs. conference football game, there will be a series of competitions between the two conferences. The games will be spread out between two days of competition, starting on Thursday, February 1, and continuing on Sunday, February 4.

Even though the league moved away from the traditional format, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t betting opportunities for the 2024 Pro Bowl Games. Provided that you are in an approved state, as the bets aren’t widely available, you can wager on the 2024 Pro Bowl at DraftKings Sportsbook. In states where you can place a bet using DraftKings, you can not wager on the Pro Bowl in WV, PA, IN, IA, NY, CO, TN, AZ, OH or VT. It is worth double-checking, but you should see Pro Bowl lines in CT, IL, KS, MD, NH, VA, OR, and WY.

More events may be added, but currently, you can bet on winning conference in the flag football, gridiron gauntlet, move the chains and precision passing games.

Last year, the flag football event was actually split into three separate flag football matchups. This year, it will be just one flag football game divided into four quarters. The game will take place on a 50-yard field that has 1-yard endzones. Scores will award six points, with teams having the option to go for 1-point from the 5-yard line and 2-points from the 10-yard line.

Gridiron Gauntlet is a fan-favorite competition. Six players from each conference will compete in a full-field relay race. Obstacles lie in their path, and they will have to break through walls, crawl under doors, and make their way to a final sled push.

Offensive and defensive linemen are the focal point of the Move The Chains event. Each conference will field a team of five players, and they have to work together to move 3,000 pounds of weight off a wall and then pull the 2,000-pound wall across a finish line.

Precision Passing has been around for years when the NFL has done skill-based competitions. Three quarterbacks from each conference will have one minute to hit as many targets as possible. There will be a mix of static targets and ones that move, including some even hanging from drones.