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Are the Knicks good enough to win an NBA title?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether New York’s strong of play of late has put them into the championship picture.

Kendrick Perkins recently said the Miami Heat should send Jimmy Butler to a team that can win a championship.

But how many true championship contenders are there?

On Wednesday’s The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Dan says that number this year is five and he has to push the Knicks out despite this being the best Knicks team we’ve seen since the shortened 1999 lockout season. Dan says in the NBA he doesn’t want to be a 4-seed when he knows that three teams ahead of him — Boston, Milwaukee and Philadelphia — feel good about themselves he gets worried. And even though the Knicks have been on a roll and crushing teams, Dan thinks even the most delusional Knicks fan expects to get through the gauntlet of Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Boston. They might be hopeful, but they don’t think they can actually win the championship.

Stugotz says he has no delusions that the Knicks will make it to the Finals or win an NBA title this season because of how good the Celtics, Bucks and Sixers are. Then in the West, you have the Clippers and Nuggets, although Dan would throw in the Thunder as well as he thinks their chances are better than the Knicks. Also, he says don’t throw out Minnesota, either. And Stugotz mentions Phoenix, but Dan says the Knicks aren’t in that group. You just don’t want to be a 4-seed.

Chris points out that the Heat made it to the NBA Finals last year with nobody giving them a shot. Does seeing the Heat do that give Stugotz hope? In a word, no.

Dan says this is all not meant to be a slight to the Knicks, he just wants to point out that its a weird purgatory to be in when you know in your conference there are three teams better than you. You may win one playoff series, but then you’re stuck playing Game 7s on the road against teams that are better than you the rest of the way. But, Dan says Knicks fans should have more enthusiasm now than they’ve had since the Allan Houston era at the Garden. This team, he says, is better than any Carmelo/Amare team.

Stugotz says he can’t see the Knicks, as good as they’ve played, beating Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown, or Giannis and Dame. He hopes they get to the second or third round, but he can’t see that team, led by Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle, making it to the NBA Finals. But Billy Gil says give it time, once we’re out of football season he thinks Stugotz will talk himself into believing that a Knicks run is coming. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, has Texas become SOFT when it comes to its beloved Horns Up gesture?


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The Big Suey: The Data Freaks

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Hour 1: Half a David

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Postgame Show: An Amin Hypothetical

  • Do you have any shows you feel like you’re supposed to be into but just aren’t?


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