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What did Jordan Poole say to get punched by Draymond? Cam’ron spills the tea!

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Cam’ron diving into rumors on the impetus behind last fall’s fight which may have fractured the then-defending NBA champion Warriors.

Remember that time Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole? Well, it seems that in the aftermath of Poole being shipped out of the Bay the tea is getting spilled and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz has got to talk about it.

On his It Is What It Is podcast, rapper Cam’ron has “reporting” that Dan hasn’t heard anywhere else about what led to Green punching Poole. Dan proceeded to play the audio, in which Cam’ron says that Poole referred to the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry (Poole went to Michigan and Green to Michigan State) and then Cam’ron says Poole made allusions to his ... popularity ... with the women of Michigan State compared to Green’s when he went there. Cam’ron then says that Poole continued to needle at Green during sprints, saying not to worry and that Green would be in Sacramento the following season and asking why his Twitter handle is Money23Green when he’s not going to get a new deal. That was, according to Cam’ron, the straw that broke the camel’s back.


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David Samson, however, remained skeptical and asks if the reason that Draymond and Poole won’t be playing together next season is because of that? Dan says he thinks it’s interesting if it’s true because it seems like the Warriors have sided with Draymond. Dan notes that the Warriors are about to have to make a decision on a player (Green) who coach Steve Kerr has said is key to remaining championship contenders while at the same time trading away Poole out of nowhere after he was worth $140 million to them last summer.

Mike Ryan, when asked if he is inclined to believe the sourcing on this story, said he takes it for what it is and it’s more data and the first time he’s heard that theory of the events surrounding the Green-Poole altercation. Mike says that for him the more important thing about it was what we all saw — a player getting punched — and that it’s such an unprofessional thing to do to a team that the motive doesn’t really factor into what actually happened.

Tony points out that it seems like Cam’ron can say things that people on sports television can’t or won’t and Dan agrees that it’s not irrelevant context, if true. Mike says he doesn’t think Cam’ron is necessarily saying things that other people can’t say, if they have adequate sources, although language might have to be altered. Jeremy Tache says the thing that is almost more interesting is that if he has those details you have to imagine that some of the other information people around the league also had those details. So, if they’ve had those details for months, what are their reasons for sitting on that information?

Dan starts to veer the conversation toward a sports journalism ethics discussion, but Mike points out that it’s entirely possible that some legacy media insiders had some of this information that Cam’ron let out but that they considered it too salacious to run with. David points out that 90 percent of the player fights he was a part of during his time as a baseball executive were about women. Mike says, however, that the lede of the story remains the fight and not the motivation behind the fight and the reasons behind the fight were gossipy and salacious, a road legacy media might not want to go down.

David says that as a team executive, he would want to get to the bottom of why players would fight, but at the end of the day he was more interested in the fact they did and figuring out if the team could go forward with those two players or not.

Dan says that you can’t tell him that what was said didn’t matter in the locker room and Poole was terrible last season after looking like he was having a lot more fun the previous season. Perhaps he was affected by testing a guy and getting knocked out and shamed in front of everybody? Doesn’t that fracture the center of where a champion resides, Dan wants to know? David points out there is no clubhouse where all players get along and that fracture exists in every locker room. David doesn’t think it was at the center of why the Warriors fell short of a championship in 2023.

Meanwhile, his show may be called Nothing Personal, but David got at least a little bit personal during the live hour on Monday morning ...

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


Local Hour: The Immaculate Grid

  • WE’VE GOT MARLINS FEVER... David Samson is in-studio, playing sick, in place of Stugotz. The crew discusses the continued hot streak for the Miami Marlins, winning with Luis Arraez and small ball, the dominance of Eury Perez, and the hottest new Wordle-esque sensation, “The Immaculate Grid.” David and Jeremy end up in a “Speaking-With-Players-Off” regarding Jazz Chisholm Jr.’s return to the lineup and what it will do to team chemistry before David finds out Mike Schur will text everyone but him. Then, Damian Lillard and Jimmy Butler’s public flirting on social media leads us back to a conversation about the Heat organization’s spending and a “HOW-DARE-OFF.”

The Big Suey: David Is Afraid

  • Mike kicks off a conversation about ‘Beau Is Afraid’ that helps us learn the ways David Samson copes with fear while he’s in a hotel. David also has his Top 5 Things Better Than Playing The Immaculate Grid and seemingly salivates over the idea of taking advantage of Bob Ross...if he were still around. Then, the crew has some breakfast complaints, the Phillies announcer is upset by a home run celebration, Shams’ NBA Draft reporting causes some questions about journalism, and the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole beef has some new details.

Hour 1: Were You In Your Skivvies?

  • Ben Rhodes of Pod Save The World joins the show to explain what happened in Russia over the weekend. He tells us how the biggest challenge to Putin in the last 20 years came to be, the ways this embarrasses the Russian military, and questions what happens next in Russia and Ukraine. Then, Mike is furious with the UM Athletic Director for his latest hire, Kevin Durant enters Twitter spaces to defend his honor, and Tony graces us with a Tony Top 5 on the NBA Draft.

Hour 2: The Skipper & Samson Hour

  • Meadowlark Media CEO John Skipper and Nothing Personal’s David Samson are back with another episode! Let’s start things off gambling! The boom keeps booming. The NFL has laid down the law again about players getting caught gambling. Teams are adding sportsbooks to stadiums. The Chicago Cubs are opening a sportsbook right outside Wrigley Field. And things will not slow down. Is showing Red Sox vs Yankees on Sunday nights still good? Good for networks? Good for baseball? The Utah Jazz are starting its own media company with rights to all Jazz games. Is this the future of sports TV? Where is Utah going to get the lost revenue? F1 teams are now worth a whole lot of money. Or are they? Is Netflix Drive to Survive bump something real? Is Netflix ready for live events? Are sports coming to the king of the stream?

Postgame Show: Mike Schur’s Miami Observations

  • Mike Schur makes his triumphant return to the show to share his Miami Observations and absolutely eviscerate David Samson for his defense of the ownership class.

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