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How badly is Brock Purdy underpaid? And is Mike McDaniel really cool?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Purdy’s paltry salary and about whether McDaniel was just playing up for the camera while mic’d up on Sunday.

It may be impolite to talk money in some circles, but that is exactly what The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was doing on Wednesday. Specifically, they were talking about Brock Purdy’s money ... or lack thereof.

Yes, Brock Purdy makes less in a season than some QBs make in one game! While previewing this week’s big Dolphins-Eagles matchup, Billy happened to be surfing the web and found a fun little thing where you could see how quickly every quarterback earns Brock Purdy’s salary for the year. So let’s play “How quickly does (insert name) earn Brock Purdy’s salary!”

First up Kirk Cousins. How long does it take Kirk Cousins to earn Brock Purdy’s entire salary for the season? Stugotz throws out a game and a half for Cousins to earn Purdy’s whole salary. Was he right? NOOOOOO!!! Billy says it takes 30 MINUTES for Cousins to match Purdy’s salary. So basically, half a game. As Tony points out, decent gig.

Chris wants to bring some chaos to Purdy’s world and wonders: Should Brock Purdy hold out? Stugotz: Yes! Billy: No! Billy says he will get replaced by someone else, they’ll find someone else. Billy points out that Chris Simms who said that Brock Purdy is good because he does exactly what Kyle Shanahan wants him to do. Once he gets cute and trying to make it about him, Shanahan will just replace him with someone else who can do exactly what he wants him to do. Then again, as Chris points out, Simms said Tua wasn’t that good, so he’s had some misses.

Meanwhile, Chris just loves his coach. And he has the video clip to prove why.

Other members of the crew have a question: Are we sure McDaniel is cool? Well, as a sneakerhead, I can say he earned MAJOR points by wearing the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1s on Sunday.

If that ain’t cool, I don’t know what is.

Out on the West Coast, meanwhile, Charlotte’s worlds collided as her Oddball family came together with her GoJo and Golic family and her Dan Le Batard Show family, as Mike Golic Jr. joined her, Dan and Amin in L.A. for content Thanksgiving.


Local Hour: The Best Fans in Baseball

  • David Samson joins us for the start of our Wednesday Local Hour and helps Stugotz take a torch to the Phillies fan base before naming his Top 5 Fan Bases in Baseball. Then, an update on the Marlins GM search, learning about Jessica’s mean best friend, and figuring out “the face of baseball.” Plus, Stugotz delivers his Weekend Observations and names his Top 5 Names in Sports Who Connote a Courtroom.

The Big Suey: Tony’s Troubles

  • Stugotz and the crew decide how big of a game the Dolphins are playing on Sunday against the Eagles and plays a guessing game involving Brock Purdy’s extremely low salary. Then, we examine what plagues Tony and dive into his lowest moments before he shares a conundrum he’s facing headed into the weekend. Plus, it’s time for Against the Spread, and Lucy wants to stop finding out more details about Jada Pinkett Smith.

Hour 1: Charlotte’s Family Meeting

  • We head back out to Los Angeles with Dan, Mike, Charlotte and Amin as Mike Golic Jr. joins the show. Charlotte shares how she feels her families merging between GoJo and Oddball, but Dan feels like Amin is limiting Charlotte. GoJo shares the differences between real fights and football fights and has a Taylor Swift take. Then, the size of professional athletes, Victor Wembanyama, and athlete reactions to Player Lists from media members.

Hour 2: The Unthinkable

  • The L.A. crew discusses the Aaron Rodgers and Pat McAfee relationship and making business decisions for content companies. Then, Amin believes Jada Pinkett Smith has done THE IMPOSSIBLE. Plus, the crew looks at the mental health terror it must be to be Shams, Woj, or any of the news breakers.

Postgame Show: Sports on the West Coast

  • The Los Angeles and Miami crew’s reunite to cap off today’s show. Dan is startled by how much more enjoyable it is to watch sports on the West Coast, and the crew examines how the ghost of Phillip Rivers haunts Justin Herbert and the Chargers. Dan also loses it over Stugotz’s Zach Wilson-Aaron Rodgers take.


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