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Reignmakers PGA TOUR 2024 Achievements and Franchise Score Details of Note

Learn about the important Achievements and Franchise Score developments for the upcoming year of Reignmakers PGA TOUR.

With 2023 in the rearview, it’s time to prepare for the 2024 Reignmakers PGA TOUR season. As players look to gain every edge as the 2024 event schedule gets underway, DraftKings is providing crucial details surrounding both Reignmakers reward programs, Achievements and Franchise Score ahead so players can plan properly.


Achievements is the Reignmakers rewards program that allows players to acquire prizing by accomplishing specific challenges throughout the season.

The Achievements period for the 2024 Reignmakers PGA TOUR season will begin on January 25, 2024, and end on November 30, 2024.


The CORE+ Ironman, ELITE+ Tier Credit Ironman and Reignmakers ELITE+ Ironman Achievements will be a full-season achievement.

Pack Ripper

Pack Ripper Achievements will now directly reward players who accomplish the achievement with a booster pack(s) instead of a ticket and airdrop.

World Traveler

The World Traveler Achievement will reward players with Crowns if they reach the following thresholds:

  • 5 countries - 1K crowns
  • 10 countries - 2.5K crowns
  • 15 countries - 5K crowns

The amount of countries utilized by a player will be determined by the number of countries represented by unique golfers from the Tee Box set played in PGA TOUR Reignmakers contests.

Cut Maker

The Cut Maker Achievement will reward players based on the total number of Reignmakers PGA TOUR entries where all golfers make the cut.

  • 1 Entry - 250 crowns
  • 10 Entries - 1,000 crowns
  • 25 Entries - 2,500 crowns
  • 100 Entries - 5,000 crowns

Headline Set Birdie Machine

The Headline Set Birdie Machine Achievement will reward players based on the total number of birdies by golfers rostered from the Tee Box Set.

  • 100 Birdies - 500 crowns
  • 250 Birdies - 1,000 crowns
  • 500 Birdies - 2,000 crowns
  • 1,000 Birdies - 3,000 crowns
  • 2,500 Birdies - 5,000 crowns
  • 5,000 Birdies - 7,500 crowns
  • 10,000 Birdies - 10,000 crowns

Tier Tour Champion

Players can receive Crowns when they accomplish the Tier Tour Champion Achievement by playing contests at different rarity tiers:

  • Play in a RARE contest - 1K Crowns
  • Play in an ELITE contest - 2K Crowns
  • Play in a LEGENDARY+ contest - 5K Crowns

Leader In the Clubhouse

When players reach specific thresholds in Franchise Score, they will receive crown rewards for the Leader in the Clubhouse Achievement:

  • Reach a Franchise PGA TOUR Score of 5 - 10 Crowns
  • Reach a Franchise PGA TOUR Score of 500 - 2.5K Crowns
  • Reach a Franchise PGA TOUR Score of 5000 - 1K tier credits

NOTE: This will use the highest Franchise Score reached by the player during the duration program. Any drop to a player’s score will not be reflected in this Achievement.

Showdown Pack Star

Players will be rewarded with Crowns when they reach specific thresholds of packs opened (Showdown), in accordance with the Showdown Pack Star Achievement:

  • 2 Packs - 250 Crowns
  • 5 Packs - 1K Crowns
  • 10 Packs - 2.5K Crowns

Sophomore Season

Players can earn some extra utility for their 2023 cards through the Sophomore Season achievement. Enter 20 unique 2023 Reignmakers PGA TOUR golfers into contests for entry to a $30K Guaranteed DFS contest.

Trade-In Pro

Players who complete trade-in recipes for Reignmakers PGA TOUR throughout the year will earn extra rewards this year.

1 Recipe Completed - 100 Crowns

20 Recipes Completed - 2K Crowns

Opening Drive

Players who purchase 2 CORE tier players on the secondary market will earn 100 crowns from the Opening Drive achievement.

Franchise Score

Franchise Score is the Reignmakers rewards program that allows players to compete for prizing via their collection — rather than performance within the courses!

Reignmakers PGA TOUR players will be able to compete for $2M in DK dollars via the Franchise Score leaderboards (Overall and the Featured Drop) throughout 2024. Before getting into the monthly payout breakdown, let’s focus on the first one of the year, which will be in January.

January Overall Leaderboard Franchise Score Snapshot

The first Franchise Score Overall Leaderboard of the Reignmakers PGA TOUR 2024 season will take place at 11:59 p.m. on January 31, 2024 — which is just after the first Headline Set drop of the Reignmakers PGA TOUR 2024 season.

This Snapshot will feature a total prizing amount of $150K in DK Dollars. In total, 1,500 players will receive prizing for the January Franchise Score Overall Leaderboard Snapshot. Here’s the breakdown:

January 2024 Franchise Score Payout

Top Spot Payout (in DK Dollars)
Top Spot Payout (in DK Dollars)
1 $15,000
2 $10,000
3 $7,000
4 $5,000
5-6 $3,000
7-10 $2,500
11-20 $1,000
21-50 $400
51-250 $200
251-500 $80
501-1500 $15

The payout for the January Franchise Score Overall Leaderboard Snapshot will be on February 1, 2024.

Monthly Franchise Score Overall Leaderboard Payout Breakdown

In addition to January, every month will feature an Overall Leaderboard Snapshot. Here’s how the rest break down, starting with February:

  • February - $50K
  • March - $125K
  • April - $150K
  • May - $150K
  • June - $150K
  • July - $175K
  • August - $150K
  • September - $25K
  • October - $25K
  • November - $25K
  • December - $25K

Featured Drop Leaderboard

The Featured Drop Leaderboard is here!

As Reignmakers PGA TOUR customers get ready to compete against other players across contests, it’s also important to be aware of a new leaderboard for this season.. On top of the overall leaderboard, which is viewable on the Reignmakers PGA TOUR page, this season will also feature a Franchise Score Featured Drop Leaderboard.

This leaderboard will be based on transactions made within a designated time frame ahead of the corresponding snapshot. Therefore, all Franchise Score points accumulated before the start of the designated time frame will not count toward the designated snapshot for the Featured Drop Leaderboard. Following each snapshot that pertains to the Featured Drop Leaderboard, each customer’s Franchise Score will rest to zero (0) for the Featured Drop Leaderboard.

Payouts will occur on the day following the snapshot.

The period that will apply to the first Featured Drop Snapshot will be from 12:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, to Monday, February 5, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

The Snapshot will occur at the conclusion of the designated period, at 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, February 5, 2024.

Here’s a look at the payout structure for this snapshot:

Franchise Score Snapshot Payout

Top Spot Bottom Spot Payout Spots Payout Total
Top Spot Bottom Spot Payout Spots Payout Total
1 1 1 10,000 10,000
2 2 1 5,000 5,000
3 4 2 2,500 5,000
5 6 2 2,000 4,000
7 10 4 1,500 6,000
11 20 10 800 8,000
21 50 30 400 12,000
51 100 50 300 15,000
101 300 200 250 50,000
301 1,000 700 50 35,000

Franchise Score Points for 2023 Reignmakers PGA TOUR Cards

Any PGA TOUR Game Card released on the primary market by DraftKings prior to the current PGA TOUR season will contribute to your Score at a reduced rate. PGA TOUR Game Cards that are from the immediately preceding PGA TOUR season will be worth 10 percent (10%) of their original points effective January 29, 2024.

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