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How long will the 2023 FIFA women’s World Cup last?

Here’s how long the world’s biggest soccer tournament will last.

Ireland v United States

The 2023 FIFA women’s World Cup is set to be a historic event in the world of soccer. Hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand, this year’s tournament will see an expansion from 24 to 32 total teams, promising a more intense and competitive spectacle than ever before.

The tournament is scheduled to begin on July 20, 2023. It will span a full month with the final set for August 20, 2023.

The group stage, where teams will compete to secure their place in the knockout rounds, will run from July 20 to August 3.

The quarterfinals are scheduled for August 11 and 12 after the round of 16, which will begin August 5.

From here, the semifinals between the four remaining teams will take place on August 15 and 16.

Teams defeated in the semifinals will face off in the Third-Place match on August 19.

The much-anticipated final will wrap up the tournament on August 20.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the United States are favored to win the 2023 women’s World Cup, stepping in with +250 odds. England is next in line at +350, then Germany and Spain with +650 odds each.