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Who are the biggest Underdogs of 2023?

Jordan Brenner and Peter Keating share their 10 biggest underdog stories of 2023 as the year winds down.

‘Tis the season ... for best of lists. And, of course, Jordan and Peter have their own list of the best Underdog stories of 2023.

Of course, you have some of the expected stories, like Tommy DeVito, Germany winning the World Cup, the Panthers upsetting the Bruins and more. We don’t want to give away the whole list, but here’s just a little taste with the guys talking about Caitlin Clark and Iowa upsetting Dawn Staley’s South Carolina juggernaut.

Jordan points out that Iowa was +500 on the moneyline going into that game and +11.5 on the spread. As Peter points out, South Carolina hadn’t lost since roughly the Carter administration and were overwhelming favorites for a good reason. He says it was an amazing game to watch, and his favorite statistic from the game was South Carolina had 26 offensive rebounds, but every other aspect of the game collapsed. Peter says they fell into committing too many turnovers, they did not shoot well from behind the arc and they kept expecting Caitlin Clark to get tired and she didn’t. All she needed, Peter points out, was a couple of timeouts to get rejuvenated and Iowa ended up taking it to South Carolina in an entertaining game and in a way was a microcosm of the Women’s Final Four eclipsing the Men’s Final Four in terms of interest and setting ratings records. This was, as he put it, a titanic game.

Jordan points out that this was a No. 1 seed vs. No. 2 seed meeting in the Final Four, so you wouldn't normally think that would lead to an 11.5-point spread. That just goes to show how DOMINANT South Carolina had been. And to take the next logical step, Jordan says credit to LSU for then wiping out Iowa in the title game. But certainly, the upset in the semifinals was one to remember.

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Underdogs of The Year

  • On this week’s “Underdogs,” Jordan Brenner and Peter Keating are making a list and checking it twice…it’s the top 10 Underdog stories of 2023! From the Miami Heat to Tommy DeVito, who cracked their top 10?

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