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Nickmercs, TimTheTatman announce E-Sports “Battle of the Ages” at UFC X July 1

A convention for MMA fans will get an e-sports boost in Las Vegas on Friday.

Timthetatman and Dr. Lupo arrive at Gamers’ Choice Awards 2018 at Fonda Theater on December 3, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Gamers’ Choice Awards

Two stars of Twitch and Call of Duty experts Nickmercs and TimTheTatman will square off in what’s being called the “Battle of the Ages” as part of the UFC X convention in Las Vegas on Friday.

But what exactly is the competition between the two friends and rivals? Are they playing Call of Duty? Is it a UFC video game battle? Are they going to get in the cage and try to tap out their opponent for real instead of via pixels?

Well we can confirm they’re not putting on the gloves and Vaseline, as Nickmercs already said that’s not happening.

But it appears they’ll be playing a game of EA Sports UFC 4 live on stage in front of the crowd. From there the game will shift to something more in their e-sports milieu; a series of Apex Legends battles in Arena Mode which should be a thrill for plenty of e-sports fans everywhere.

And they’ll have teammates as well, with Nickmercs is aligning himself with fellow gamers FaZe Kalei, FaZe Nio, and Stable Ronaldo. TimTheTatman will have ClaraAtWork, DiazBiffle, and LuckyChamu on his side.

UFC X is a convention for fans of mixed martial arts, and takes place on July 1-2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, just a few miles down the Vegas Strip from the corporate headquarters of the cage fighting promotion.

As part of the 10th Annual UFC International Fight Week, the convention closes on July 2 with UFC 276, taking place at T-Mobile Arena just a monorail ride from the LVCC facility. The main event features Israel Adesanya vs. Jared Cannonier in a middleweight championship bout.