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Jake Paul disses UFC president Dana White in rap video

The social media star came up with an interesting way to critique the UFC president.

Since venturing into boxing and mixed martial arts, social media star Jake Paul has been highly critical of UFC president Dana White for his treatment of his competitors. He expressed his desire to create a fighter’s union in recent days and on Friday morning, he released a Dana White rap diss track.

No, you’re not hallucinating and read that correctly. Jake Paul released a Dana White rap diss track with an accompanying video to boot. The video begins with a White impersonator low-balling a female competitor during a fight negotiation before Paul and a posse breaks into his office with bats, vowing to “put an end to this.”

The rap itself includes Paul lobbing critiques at White for his tactics while also throwing personal jabs. He also snuck in shots at UFC stars like Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor. He even references Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes with the line “I’m Mahomes the way I’m cashin’ out.”

Jake Paul certainly knows how to draw attention to himself and a full on diss track is something no one foresaw. We’ll see how the UFC promotor responds.