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The Starting Five is bringing The Compound to DraftKings Network

Set Free Richardson, Jadakiss and the whole crew will bring new episodes direct from The Compound every other Sunday.

The Starting Five is bringing The Compound to DraftKings Network!

Since coming together with DraftKings last year, Set Free Richardson, Jadakiss, Don C, Danielle Alvari and Jamie “Dirk” Ruiz have been chopping it up about sports, culture, music, fashion and more.

Jadakiss told Complex last December, “The Compound is like the foundation or the homebase for culture. You can go there and absorb or experience music, art, lifestyle, fashion, all at once. It puts you in a certain feeling, a certain zone.”

Last year, the Starting Five welcomed people like Isaiah Thomas, Lou Williams and others to get real about anything and everything. And it’s no surprise since Set Free told Complex in that same article mentioned above that, “The Compound is a place for creative sparring where people come to exercise their creativity across a bunch of different pillars like music, sports, fashion, technology, production, podcasts, etc.”

Starting November 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET, new episodes will drop on DraftKings Network every other Sunday, with repeats in between. To kick things off, The Starting Five will welcome former NBA champion Jason Williams to The Compound on November 12, followed by 15-year NBA vet JJ Redick on November 26.

Check out the playlist below to see past Starting Five conversations and make sure to tune in to DraftKings Network every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET starting November 12!


Check out the DraftKings YouTube page for more. You can also follow The Compound on X at @thecompound__ and Instagram.

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