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Larry Nance Jr. Becomes a Part-Owner of Leeds!

NBA player Larry Nance Jr. joins the Cooligans to discuss how he became a part-owner of Leeds United.

New Orleans Pelicans star Larry Nance Jr. joins the Cooligans as the newest part-owner of Leeds United!

Christian and Alexis kick things off by replaying a past clip of Nance Jr. on their show a few years back talking about his desire to ultimately own a soccer club. That dream has now become a reality.

Nance stresses that while he is an avid fan of the sport, his ownership stake with Leeds will not come with any major decision-making on his part.

“In terms of interaction with them and actual input, I don’t know what I’m talking about,” he jokes. “I want the team to do well, so therefore I’m not gonna tell them what to do!”

Christian asks Larry about any initial challenges he faced after joining Leeds as an owner, and the NBA star discusses how the club’s fans immediately flocked to his Twitter (now known as X) account immediately requesting changes.

“If they have anything to say to or about the team, I’m just kind of the guy to say it to,” he says.

“This is the customer service rep, we gotta let them know,” Christian jokes.

The Cooligans discuss Nance’s openness about being a Chelsea fan prior to this move, and he acknowledges that while he loved the club in the past, their recent questionable roster decisions have created this perfect segue into supporting Leeds.

Nance Jr. also weighs in on the recent basketball world championship debate sparked by Noah Lyles. See his thoughts below:

Want to hear more from the Cooligans? Check out the full interview with Larry Nance Jr.!


NBA star Larry Nance Jr. tells us what it’s like to own an EFL soccer team!

  • We’re honored to have New Orleans Pelicans forward and Leeds United part-owner, Larry Nance Jr., return to The Cooligans! When Larry Nance Jr. was last on the show two years ago, he told Christian and Alexis that he wanted to own a soccer team. And now, as a member of the Leeds United ownership group, he’s finally accomplished that goal! The guys discuss Larry’s role with the club and find out what it would take to secure prime seats in the Leeds ownership box. We also get his thoughts on the NBA mid-season tournament and Noah Lyle’s comments about the NBA champions crowning themselves world champs. After the interview, Christian and Alexis recap a crazy first two days of Champions League action and finally talk about an insane story involving a former CF Montreal player. Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments!

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