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Carli Lloyd Needs to Clarify!

The Cooligans react to Carli Lloyd’s surprising USWNT rant following the team’s 0-0 draw against Portugal.

“Carli (Lloyd) somewhere is like the mayor of that Footloose town... stop moving your hips!”

The Cooligans kick off this segment by pointing out how many major social media accounts appear to be subtweeting Lloyd following her shocking rant about USWNT’s theoretical lack of effort amid their recent poor World Cup stretch.

Christian and Alexis show love to Panama and the nation’s citizens for the pride they took in making the World Cup, expressing joy even in the face of defeat.

Alexis takes the opportunity to clarify his prior statements about players dancing:

“I still don’t care if you dance,” he exclaims. “Here’s where I have a problem with you dancing and enjoying yourself, are you doing that instead of training? Then I’m upset. Are you doing that instead of playing the game? Then I’m upset.”

Christian and Alexis continue to discuss the ongoing debate among USWNT fans about the team’s postgame celebrations. The two agree that their biggest issue with Lloyd’s vague remarks about the subject is her unwillingness to dive into what exactly the players “care about more than winning”.

“What other stuff? You gotta say it,” Alexis says.

“Ten toes, Carli! Say what it is,” Christian agrees.

The ambiguity of Lloyd’s rant sparked this raging debate, which could have been avoided if she had simply clarified her stance.

“And now, if you’re scared of saying exactly what you mean, then you probably shouldn’t have said any of that at all,” Alexis says.

Want to hear more from the Cooligans? Check out the full episode, which includes expanded thoughts on Carli Lloyd, the Women’s World Cup, and more.


Jamaica advances to the knockout stages as we say goodbye to the greatest World Cup player ever!

  • It’s a bittersweet episode of the Cooligans Women’s World Cup Daily! Christian and Alexis are pumped to celebrate the Reggae Girlz advancing to the Round of 16 in their first WWC appearance, but know they have to say goodbye to Marta, one of the greatest players to ever grace a futbol pitch. We break down the 0-0 draw that ended Marta’s legendary career and discuss Wednesday’s other biggest matches. The guys also touch on Carli Lloyd clarifying her statement about the USWNT’s celebration. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Watch more below!


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